A dream come true. The touching story behind the viral video of a mother, who has ALS, and her son…

Kathy Poirier was adamant that she would dance with her son at his wedding despite having lost the ability to walk and use most of her muscles. However, her tenacity and fortitude moved many others to tears.

Life can be equally difficult and inspiring. We go through many highs and lows along the way, which leaves us unsure of what will come next because nobody can forecast the future.

Life frequently throws us curveballs that we are ill-equipped to face, leaving us to wonder why certain things occur and what purpose they serve. But every so often, a narrative is related to us that demonstrates the power of love, tenacity, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

An Instagram user probably had no idea how the video would make everyone cry when he published it because it meant so much to him. This is what transpired.
Florida mother Kathy Poirier began to experience weird physical changes in 2018. Her legs initially became so heavy that climbing the stairs became challenging.

However, things took a dangerous turn when she suddenly found herself unable to raise up three fingers to signify what she needed when she wanted to ask her husband to buy her three products from the market one day. She then went to the hospital to acquire a precise diagnosis of her medical condition.

Kathy was identified as having the degenerative neurological disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) after seeing numerous neurologists. Muscle control is lost as a result of how the brain and spine’s nerves are affected.

The bad news is that there is no cure for this illness, and because the body deteriorates over time, most patients are given two to five years to survive following diagnosis.

Zak Poirier, Kathy’s son, shared a heartbreaking video clip on his Instagram page on April 28. On April 9, in front of several guests, including his mother Kathy, Zak, age 28, wed Anja d’Adesky.

In the video, Kathy, who was no longer able to walk, was pushed to the dance floor in a wheelchair by Zak and his siblings for the mother-son dance.

After that, Kathy was helped out of her wheelchair into the arms of her kids as she sobbed along to the music with the group. Zak said, “I love you,” in his mother’s ear as the four of them moved, and after the dance, the group slid his mother back into the chair.

They received a round of applause from the guests, and Zak kissed his mother on the forehead before introducing her to them. Zak briefly described what happened in the post’s caption. He stated:

“Not long after I finished law school, my mother received an ALS diagnosis. Since then, I’ve witnessed her heroically battling her diagnosis and defying the odds. My mother and I danced during my wedding even though she couldn’t stand by herself.”

He concluded by saying that Kathy serves as his daily inspiration to be modest, kind, and selfless. “Love you, Mom,” he said at the end.

After the video of her dancing with Zak went viral, Kathy, 55, talked about how she was uncomfortable dancing on stage because she was afraid of people staring at her.

Kathy acknowledged that she had changed and was no longer the same person she had been two and a half years prior to being diagnosed, but her children promised her that they would hold on to her once she hit the dance floor.

The moment was one that Kathy admitted she had long dreamed about, and she was eager to prove that nothing would stop her from sharing it with her kid. Zak is her first child to marry, and Kathy acknowledged that she had never imagined herself in that circumstance before to being diagnosed.

Nevertheless, because no one can predict the future, she imagined how that day and that moment would play out. The 55-year-old also discussed her illness, saying that the worst part was discovering she had ALS because the prognosis is so dismal.

The toughest thing Kathy has ever done has been to live with the sickness, but she said that one day she will understand why she has it and that there is a reason for it.

Nevertheless, she has been receiving uplifting comments and wants to utilize her experience to encourage others and raise awareness about ALS and its effects on patients and their families so they can receive support.

Watch the video below:

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A dream come true. The touching story behind the viral video of a mother, who has ALS, and her son…
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