The groom eventually didn’t come to the wedding. No one believed the bride would do this…

Despite her pain, Kayley surprised everyone by choosing to continue the celebration with her loved ones rather than call off the wedding.

When you start dating, you’re excited and in love.

You grow to know each other well over time, and eventually, either you drift apart and fall out of love or you realize you were meant to be together.

Kallum Norton proposed to Kayley Stead in December of 2020 after the two had been dating since 2018.

27-year-old Stead couldn’t believe it. Norton, her devoted fiance of 24 years, and she were finally getting married.
They finally had a date after months of planning during which Stead spent her entire life savings on their wedding. The pair decided to get married on September 15.

On September 15, 2022, Kayley Stead awoke at an Airbnb that they had just reserved feeling happy.

She was getting ready for her big day with her bridesmaids.

She was unaware that her soon-to-be husband had vanished without a trace or an explanation.
Due to her busy schedule, Stead failed to realize that her phone was missing.

She hid her phone with one of the bridesmaids. One of the groomsmen had already informed them that Norton had left. Her friends feared about her but lacked the words to express it to her.

But when Stead looked at her phone, he saw that his mother had missed the call. When she spoke to Norton’s mother, she explained everything. Stead was crushed by the news, but she had hope.

They didn’t argue, according to Stead, and he never gave her any reason to question his devotion to her.
Even remembering Norton giving her a handwritten book with “a million reasons” why he loved her, the bride-to-be.

Even though there was no groom, she continued with the preparations. Stead started crying at this point.

One of her most painful memories is announcing the wedding’s cancellation to her hairstylist, videographer, and parents.

Her videographer attempted to uplift her and advised her to keep going. Why not? She had already spent all of her money.

It was as a result of Stead financing the entire wedding herself. She happily spent the equivalent of $13,000 or £12,000 of her life savings.

The sister of Stead concurred and suggested doing it.

The future bride informed the guys that even if Norton was unable to come, the celebration would still go ahead.

After hugging her loved ones and wiping away her emotions, Stead asked her sister to apply her cosmetics once more.

She made up her mind to do it.

In her interview, she recalled that moment as the one when she decided to take action. “I had already spent all this cash. Why not? I was looking forward to the cuisine, dancing with my dad, and time with my family.”

As Stead entered the room, her bridesmaids and groomsmen accompanied her.
Along with that, they sang and danced to Lizzo’s song “Good as Hell.”

In place of a picture of a married couple, the photographer also requested Stead to go to the garden, where they shot a picture of her wearing her dress.

At first, her guests were dejected and hurt by the treachery, but thanks to Stead’s upbeat attitude and her strength as a person, the celebration continued.

“Dancing at my wedding with my dad had always been a fantasy of mine. I always wanted to dance with him since dad’s 71 and I always worried that he and my mother Dee, 63, wouldn’t be at my wedding, Stead said.

She is currently struggling to adjust to life as a single woman.

The answer is no if you ask her whether she wants her ex-boyfriend to explain.

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The groom eventually didn’t come to the wedding. No one believed the bride would do this…
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