The barely ever seen video of our favorite song by Neil Diamond…

One of the most influential figures in popular culture is Neil Diamond. He is now perceived as a little corny by some young people due to his sparkling clothing and sincere songs. However, Neil Diamond is credited with helping to create current popular culture.

This video for his well-known song “I Am…I said” makes us all feel lonesome.

Over 100 million recordings have been sold by him as a recording artist. Hits like Forever in Blue Jeans, Sweet Caroline, and America are among them. Many people are unaware that Diamond also wrote songs for other musicians, including The Monkees. There’s a good possibility that you enjoy at least one Neil Diamond song if you enjoy pop music.

In 2014, Neil Diamond made a point of returning home. Melody Road, his then-new record, served as the catalyst. He also paid a visit to Erasmus Hall, his alma mater, while he was in Brooklyn. This was the spot where he had composed his very first song. And as he looked about, he was overcome with nostalgia. People do develop and change. But returning to Erasmus Hall High School brought back memories of who he had always been and who he had become.

Diamond was able to assess his progress while traveling back thanks to his perception of his tools’ limitations. Yes, Neil Diamond criticizes himself for utilizing the same chords over. But he also has the good judgment to respect the people who helped him along the way to success and the gift that has been bestowed upon him. He has been a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a very long time. Going back to high school after 50 years meant more to him, though, in some ways.

Watch the video here:

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The barely ever seen video of our favorite song by Neil Diamond…
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