Acapella performance of “Mary, did you know” by six different voices by the same man in a church will leave you speechless…

The song “Mary, Did You Know” is given a unique spin by YouTube sensation Peter Hollens. Hollens has done interesting things with this song in his video using his incredible voice and editing skills.

In the opening scene of his video, Hollens is seated in a stunningly empty church. It seems unlikely that things could get any better as Hollens begins to perform a stunning a cappella rendition of the well-known song—that is, until he is joined by another singer.

Unexpectedly, another Hollens performs as the second singer. This talented performer had recorded many takes of himself singing the song and then combined them to produce an astounding production.

Hollens’ voices combine to sing the song in a remarkable harmony, each singing a distinct note. Hollens, though, isn’t content to leave it at that. Right at that moment, a third Hollens joins the duo and adds to the rich performance.

Professional a cappella singer Hollens boldly states on his YouTube channel that every sound that viewers hear is entirely produced by human mouth and voice.

If you listen to Hollens perform his cover of “Mary, Did You Know,” you could start to doubt the need for musical instruments altogether. Even if they give ordinary tunes a particular touch, Hollens has a gift that is unmatched by the best band performances.

To his rendition of “Mary, Did You Know,” Hollens keeps adding more versions of himself, until the once-empty church bench is filled with six Hollens, all of whom are singing fervently.

Don’t be misled into thinking that the video was simple to make despite how beautiful it is. “I would say between concept, arranging, recording, editing, mixing, mastering for the audio, and visual conceiving, recording, editing, and coloring it normally takes approximately 100 hours each film,” Hollens said in an interview with All Access Music.

Hollens has “cloned” himself before using technology, so this is nothing new. He also performed as numerous versions of himself in “Carol of the Bells,” which led to an intriguing outcome.

Watch the incredible video here:

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Acapella performance of “Mary, did you know” by six different voices by the same man in a church will leave you speechless…
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