A passenger told the blind girl not to sit the bus with her black dog because of its color…

When Megan Taylor was 15 years old, she was in a catastrophic accident that left her with a severe head injury. She developed a number of medical issues as a result of the damage, including vertigo, hearing loss, frequent fainting episodes, episodic blindness, and poor balance. Megan emphasized that losing one’s sight is a genuinely terrible experience and that it might happen to one at any time. She added that she frequently knocks into things even when she can see because she is disoriented and lightheaded.

Because of her limitations, Megan has learnt to employ a guide dog that can help her with all of her everyday activities. Her dog assists the daily with a number of tasks, including getting dressed, calling 911 when she faints, picking up objects, untying shoes, and even emptying her washing machine.

Megan believes that guiding dogs are crucial for persons with disabilities because they give her all the aid she needs to lead as a normal a life as possible. They serve as an essential auxiliary, just like a wheelchair, walking stick, or pair of glasses. The government has made it permissible for them to accompany their owner in all public areas because of their crucial role.

On Monday, Megan, who is now 24 years old, made the decision to take the bus. Rowle, her black Labrador, joined her. A woman approached her after she had taken a seat on the bus and questioned her about having Rowle on it.

Because “your dog is black and guide dogs are yellow labradors,” the woman insisted, labeling her a liar.
The woman proceeded to rage at Megan, calling her a liar, despite Megan’s attempts to explain to her that guide dogs could come in a variety of colors and weren’t always Labradors. Unfortunately, Megan had been accustomed to these interactions while using public transportation, and she now makes an effort to simply ignore what they are saying, though she acknowledges that it can be challenging.

Due to her heart condition and previous accusations that she was a drunk millennial, she has gone as far as to admit that occasionally using public transit makes her nervous because she never knows who she might be riding with.

She said, “I don’t think I’ve ever taken a vacation without worry, which is why I’m so scared now when I use it.
But even in these circumstances, she remains upbeat. She makes an effort to be upbeat and not become depressed by unpleasant encounters like this one.

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A passenger told the blind girl not to sit the bus with her black dog because of its color…
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