Lisa Whelchel would never think this would happen to her family…

After 24 years of marriage, Lisa Whelchel and her first husband Steven Club surprised the world by announcing their split. Although the actress remained silent about the cause, there were some unexpected rumors.

Lisa Diane Whelchel, a multi-talented actress, singer, songwriter, novelist, and public speaker, is a mainstay in Hollywood. She debuted in her acting career on “The New Mickey Mouse Club” as a Mouseketeer before becoming famous for her role as Blair Warner in “The Facts of Life.”

Whelchel has appeared in a number of other shows than the ones mentioned above, such as the intense reality competition “Survivor: Philippines,” where she competed for 39 days.

The Hollywood actress also leads an interesting life away from the spotlight. She has gone through two marriages and one divorce. More information on the actress’s life, divorce, and relationships can be found below.

Whelchel married her first spouse, Steven Cauble, an associate pastor at The Church on the Way, on July 9, 1988. The actress gave up acting the same year so she could establish a family with her new husband.

The couple welcomed Tucker Stephenson as their first child on January 17, 1990. Clancy Elizabeth was born on November 12, 1992, and Haven Katherine, the couple’s second child, was born on September 26, 1991.

Whelchel has been the best mother ever since welcoming her children, and she can thank her faith and convictions for that.

Whelchel once said in an interview that “Faith has been the fundamental center of my life since I was 10 years old.” The singer’s ideas not only influenced her motherhood roles but also greatly impacted her career.

Because she is a devout Christian with strong morals, Whelchel has declined a number of acting roles that would have made her uncomfortable. She announced:

There were numerous opportunities that I might have taken advantage of, but I didn’t feel comfortable.

When Whelchel declined to take part in a special episode of “The Facts of Life,” he lost one such chance to work. Blair Warner, the icon’s on-screen persona, was supposed to give up her virginity in the episode. Whelchel declined to take part since it went against her moral principles.

The actress turned down the role of Rachel Green in the hit comedy “Friends” because she believed the program would be centered about sex.

Although she didn’t feature in the series, Whelchel remembered reading for the role, and she thought the pilot’s screenplay was the funniest she had ever read.

Whelchel recalled, “I remember reading the pilot episode and saying to my husband, “This is the funniest script I have ever read.” Whelchel’s convictions had a big impact on her marriage in addition to motherhood and her career.

The mother of three admitted in an interview that she was first apprehensive to wed Cauble but believed it was God’s purpose for them to be together. Thus, the author came to the conclusion that “she would rather trust God over her heart.”

Whelchel mistakenly believed that the marriage would never end in divorce after more than two decades. “Helping others has always been my main priority. But I never anticipated being divorced “says the actress.

When their marriage started to break down in 2007, Whelchel and Cauble had been wed for almost 20 years. The couple decided to seek counseling to get through the difficult time. Sadly, therapy failed to thaw their differences, and after 24 years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce.

Whelchel kept quiet about the circumstances of their separation after the divorce. Rumors, however, said that Cauble’s sexual orientation and the actress’s demanding nature were to blame for everything.

Whelchel, though, paid no attention to the rumors. She told People, “People can say anything they want, but what occurred in our family is between us and God.

Whelchel was deeply devastated by the outcome of the situation since she had always thought she and Cauble would be together forever. The actor from “The Facts of Life” admitted:

I really felt that our union would last forever and that a divorce would require extraordinary circumstances.

Sadly, something terrible happened, and Whelchel acknowledged that it hurt to watch their relationship crumble. It was terrible for her to understand that it wouldn’t work out, she said.

Despite the divorce, Whelchel’s view of marriage was unaltered. “Of course, I remain a proponent of marriage. I never imagined going through a divorce. Steve, however, remains my closest pal. We simply couldn’t get hitched “The star acknowledged.

Regardless of what happened, Whelchel and Cauble still have a terrific friendship. We’re pretty good friends, and we love each other a lot, she once said. The famous Hollywood figure also said that nothing has changed in terms of family time.

“We still visit each other every day, and we still go to movies and restaurants. We get together for regular family occasions like holidays, birthdays, and, of course, Survivor “Whelchel made known.

Whelchel wanted to avoid becoming ill after the divorce and instead focus on staying strong. She started working out, which helped her stay in shape and look better.

“The most important step is getting up off the couch and exercising. You must discover methods to exercise, “Actress gave advice. She also made the decision to go on “Survivor: Philippines,” which she later admitted was a good one.

“On March 1, the divorce became final, and on March 10, I left to be on Survivor. Going to Survivor was beneficial for me since it allowed me to change my focus and stop dwelling on the loss “noted Whelchel.

Going on “Survivor: Philippines” allowed the actress to let go of all the anguish and grow more compassionate, despite the fact that she was there for 39 days. She stated:

“Personally, I now have a lot more compassion and empathy. It’s crucial to love and refrain from judging others since you never know what struggles they may be going through. The entire Christian message is that forgiveness is possible even when we make mistakes.”

Whelchel’s forgiveness allowed her and her ex-husband to carry on their friendship. They kept working together in the ministry even though they were no longer a couple.

“We continue to work and travel together in the ministry. The main distinction is that we receive two hotel rooms as opposed to one “the indicated emblem Cauble wholeheartedly concurs. “We remain a family today. My closest friend is Lisa “stated he.

Whelchel made it known that she was prepared for a new romance after her divorce, but no one had yet asked her out. She was made aware that some guys could have been wary of approaching “Blair Warner.” Whelchel replied with some suggestions for men:

“Any woman likes a guy who is self-assured enough to ask her out. Even if she declines, the risk is still worthwhile. However, you never know; she might accept.”

Whelchel remarried to Pete Harris in 2019 at the age of 56, seven years after her divorce. Since being married, the couple has been openly professing their love on social media and singing each other’s praises.

Last year, Harris posted a loving message to his wife on Instagram the day after Valentine’s Day. He uploaded a photo of the actress along with an extremely heartfelt caption. The caption stated in part:

“No one is better for me to be with in the valleys or on the peaks. There is no one I’d prefer hug, eat cereal, read, or meditate next to. I adore you a lot.”

A few months later, on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary, Whelchel paid it forward. She published a snapshot of herself and her boyfriend on Instagram with the caption:

“Cheers to another year, my True Companion. The most elegant meal in France is not something I would choose over staying home, eating cereal in bed, and binge-watching a TV with you.”

“I enjoy being married to you, she concluded her letter. Fans are hopeful that the couple’s marriage would endure forever because of how much they seem to love each other.”

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Lisa Whelchel would never think this would happen to her family…
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