The smart black cat’s strange behavior saved the baby’s life…

Being a parent is a dream come true for many people. It was a true calling for Roy and Bernita Rogers. Unfortunately, this couple had a difficult time adjusting to motherhood. After three unsuccessful pregnancies, it appeared like they would never get the chance to have children.

When they were unsure, they got a great surprise. a fuzzy kitty that made the decision to saunter into their lives. A few years later, the tiny puffball would give them hope and be crucial in preserving their child’s life.

This small kitten with the black fur appeared one day in their backyard. The kitten was given the name Midnight after Roy and Bernita decided to keep it. Midnight was the center of their parental attention, and as a result, they received his love and allegiance.

A few years later, Bernita experienced another pregnancy. And this time, the delighted couple experienced a simple pregnancy that resulted in the delivery of a stunning, healthy baby girl. Her given name was Stacey. She was a content newborn who adored cuddling with her animal companion. Sadly, everything went south quickly.

Stacey was unwell shortly after birth. She was seen by the doctor, who reassured Roy and Bernita that her condition was merely the result of a little cold. They sent them off after telling the parents not to worry. On that day, something negative occurred.

In an effort to catch Bernita’s attention, Midnight ran over. Bernita knew there was a problem, but she was unable to identify what was making the cat so upset. Bernita didn’t respond to him despite his persistent attempts.

The cat had no intention of giving up. He returned to the infant’s room and began to meow very loudly. His meows were recorded and broadcast on the baby monitor. Bernita then noticed what had happened. She discovered her daughter as she entered the nursery. It wasn’t good. Watch this video for a few minutes to find out what transpires.

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