Unbelievable: Simon Cowell started crying when listening to the performance…

After the charity single, X-Factor celebrity judge Simon Cowell sobbed freely on live television. His apparent breakdown alarmed the fans.

The 60-year-old business magnate Simon Cowell was clearly moved by the charity single. Dermont O’Leary, the show’s host, enquired of him: “I am aware that you hold both of those organisations in the highest regard, Simon. Do you have anything to say?” Simon sobbed, covered his face with his hands, and said, “Oh God.”

Lauren Silverman, Simon’s fiancée, ran onto the platform and encircled him in her arms. In addition, Simon’s co-star Nicole Scherzinger made an effort to console him as Louis Walsh just stood there in disbelief.

I don’t need to say anything else, Simon, so thank you, Dermont quickly ordered the cameras to turn away.

Some fans came close to crying during the charity song, which was for children’s hospices. Together For Short Lives and Shooting Star will both benefit financially from the song. Baby and child patients at Shooting Star who aren’t anticipated to live for very long receive palliative treatment. Families who are expecting a baby or kid to pass away soon due to an incurable illness can access information and assistance from Together for Short Lives.

Since 2009, Simon Cowell has served as a patron of the organization Together for Short Lives, formerly known as Children’s Hospices UK before merging with ACT in 2011. Throughout his life, he has been actively involved in charitable activity, primarily aiding children and animals.

Watch the video below:

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Unbelievable: Simon Cowell started crying when listening to the performance…
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