The woman gives birth to a son, but in a month the doctor says she actually had a girl…

It’s common to hear about doctors being mistaken about a child’s gender, but we all know that doctors are fallible and sometimes make mistakes. Surprisingly, a couple in South Africa experienced exactly that. The Hiscocks were delighted to have a second child, but a rare genetic issue left them unsure of the infant’s gender.

Madeleshia Hiscock and her husband were overjoyed to learn they were expecting their second child, and like most new parents, they were most interested in learning whether their new kid would be a boy or a girl.

The couple was informed by the physicians that they believed they were having a second daughter at the first pregnancy scan. The following two scans verified the physicians’ initial hypotheses, assuring them that they would deliver a baby girl whom the parents had decided to call “McKenzi”.

At the fourth scan, however, when the doctors revealed that it appeared the baby would not be a Mckenzi but rather a small boy, everything changed! The possibility of having a son move into their house delighted the parents rather than making them sad. The prospect of a young boy was exciting because they already had a girl, Zadeleshia, who was three years old.

Thoughts regarding the baby’s gender persisted even after birth. After the baby was born, the physicians declared that it was a male, only to start doubting their own judgment after a closer check. Testing started to suggest that the infant might be a girl. In the end, the physicians identified the infant as a boy and sent the parents and child home.

Mom was delighted to get a baby boy, but she started to wonder if the physicians had made the correct choice and felt that something was really wrong. Even so, Madeleshia and her husband went ahead and christened the child as “Kenneth” and continued to list the gender as male on birth certificates.

They received a big surprise, though, after consulting a specialist: Baby Kenneth is actually a little girl! The infant was merely born with an excess of male hormones that resulted to ambiguous genitalia due to a rare genetic disease called “congenital adrenal hyperplasia,” but she is actually a female. Despite her unique start in life, baby McKenzi is a contented, gorgeous child who loves playing with her siblings.

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The woman gives birth to a son, but in a month the doctor says she actually had a girl…
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