Gwyneth Paltrow’s maternity journey caused her serious health issues… She even almost died with her lookalike…

One of Gwyneth Paltrow’s proudest life accomplishments is being a mother to her kids. Her experience as a mother, however, was not easy because she had problems with her physical and emotional health.

Children are shared by Paltrow and her ex-husband Chris Martin. Martin and Paltrow started dating as a result of a media rumor. Although they had never met, the tabloids had claimed that the two were dating.

The woman who was supposed to attend Martin’s show in Los Angeles but instead skipped out on him led Martin to claim Paltrow was his girlfriend while he was on stage there. The rumor mill was fueled by this.

They made the decision to meet and go on a date as a result of the rumors. Paltrow and Martin eventually began a committed relationship as a result of how well their date went and how much she enjoyed Martin’s sense of humor.

Paltrow credits their partnership with getting her through one of her most trying periods. Her father passed away in Tuscany as Paltrow and her father were exploring the country in honor of Paltrow’s 30th birthday.

After collapsing next to his daughter, movie producer and director Bruce Paltrow was swiftly sent to a hospital in Rome for treatment. He regrettably did not make it through the ordeal, though. Paltrow acknowledged:

“It was beyond tragic, and the memory still traumatizes me severely.”

One of the many ways Martin, the lead vocalist of the band “Coldplay,” helped Paltrow get through her loss was by writing the song “Fix You” for her following the death of her father.

The pair got hitched a year after they first met and fell in love. They were extremely private throughout their relationship, and their wedding was no exception. The pair married covertly.

Paltrow made the news that she was expecting Apple in December 2003, the same year the couple got married. She and Martin shared their time between the two nations where they were residing at the time.

To be with her spouse and the father of her child, Paltrow relocated permanently to London right before the birth of Apple in 2004. Although Paltrow was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a mother, the delivery of her baby was anything but exciting.

Both Paltrow and the infant experienced trauma during her daughter’s labor and birth. Paltrow discussed the following in an episode of “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard:

“I had two cesarean sections. It was urgent with my daughter. We nearly perished because it was crazy.”

Fortunately, after 70 hours, the mother and daughter successfully resolved the challenging matter. When Apple was born, her father gave her the name, and her mother loved her so much that she decided to stay at home with her child.

According to Paltrow, having a kid was an amazing experience that she wanted to relish, thus she made the decision to give up her job. She claimed that every morning she felt like it was Christmas.

While Paltrow was in love with her newborn daughter, she also thought back on the terrible labor and delivery she had to go through and pondered whether she would face similar situations again if she decided to have additional kids.

Paltrow made the announcement that she and her husband were having a second child not long after introducing Apple into the world. She was radiant the entire time she was pregnant and was thrilled at the idea of Apple having a brother.

However, some less joyful news followed the exciting announcement. After giving birth to her baby, what Paltrow had anticipated would be an easy pregnancy was ruined by a dreadful feeling.

For Paltrow, everything had occurred rather quickly. In less than three years, she had lost her father, met and married the love of her life, given birth to a daughter after spending seventy hours in labor, and was expecting her second child.

After giving birth to her son Moses in 2006, she experienced postpartum depression. Paltrow had anticipated experiencing the same excitement and delight she felt when she initially gave birth to Apple, but instead she struggled with sadness for five months.

Paltrow wrote about this period of her life in a blog post on her website, where she acknowledged:

I had to deal with one of my life’s darkest and most agonizingly crippling chapters.

She added that post-partum depression should not be stigmatized because it assisted in her recovery from a great deal of her earlier suffering. She also acknowledged her thankfulness for avoiding a hospital stay.

Paltrow declared that she did not want to become a parent again anytime soon after going through another terrifying experience. She continued by mentioning Martin’s desire to adopt a child and his openness to the notion.

They had started requesting a sibling when Paltrow’s kids were seven and eight years old. Paltrow revealed that she was considering having a third kid since she missed the baby she had lost after experiencing a miscarriage in her third pregnancy that nearly took her life as well.

She also acknowledged that she was getting close to 40 and that going back to diaper changes and waking up in the middle of the night for feedings could be challenging for her because she was accustomed to her children being largely independent.

On her 38th birthday, Paltrow realized her marriage to Martin was gone after many years of dating. While on vacation in the Tuscan countryside, the couple came to the conclusion that they were unable to continue.

The couple did not divorce, however, for another four years. When they did, they sent a statement explaining what was happening in their lives to fans on They gave the split the moniker “conscious uncoupling,” which has since gained popularity in the breakup scene.

Paltrow and Martin “consciously uncoupled,” achieving the healthy separation they had always desired. Both of them remained preoccupied with their kids before deciding to move on.

While Martin started dating Dakota Johnson in 2017, Paltrow wed Brad Falchuk in 2018. Paltrow claimed that keeping in mind the characteristics of Martin that made her fall in love with him helped maintain their split amicable.

She continued by saying that her children have grown into decent individuals because she has maintained a healthy relationship with their father. She revealed:

“They are extremely courteous and empathic. It’s our responsibility to help them remain as grounded as we can given the unusual experiences they’ve had.”

While Paltrow gets along well with her kids, she has a special connection with her eldest. “You are incredibly extraordinary in every way,” Paltrow said to her daughter in a birthday message on Apple.

The article discussed how, without realizing it, Apple had changed the star’s life. I was born the day you were born, she said. The entire post was lovely and heartfelt.

The message, which was published in celebration of Apple’s 18th birthday, makes it very clear that the two had a unique relationship. They have also frequently been compared to twins, and Paltrow stated this when she made the post:

“I hope you are aware of how unique you are.”

Every time the mother and daughter do something together, supporters make sure they are aware of how similar they both look. This strengthens their relationship. Fans swarm to like the couple’s posts because they are equally attractive to one another.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s maternity journey caused her serious health issues… She even almost died with her lookalike…
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