Elderly men decided to elevate everyone’s mood by singing during a five-hour flight delay…

Being stranded on an airplane because of an unanticipated delay is not enjoyable at all. Passengers become grumpy as a result, and the gloomier they become the longer the wait lasts.

The majority of people truly dislike being in the dark about how long they will be locked in an airline cabin before takeoff.

When a group of travelers boarded a plane, they learned that a maintenance problem would delay their journey. One of the flight attendants discovered a group of professional singers on the aircraft during the delay.

They go by the name Port City Sound and are a skilled barbershop group.

The Maine-based quintet has received recognition for their outstanding vocal performances. Both domestically and internationally, they have a sizable fan base.

The four performers agreed to put on a show for the passengers after the flight attendant had the wonderful notion to request their services. The ensemble was glad to entertain fellow passengers with an impromptu barbershop quartet concert while everyone waited for the repairs to be finished.

The passengers in the cabin were in for a treat.

The moment the men began to sing their harmonious collection of enjoyable songs, the mood of the entire group of passengers was immediately lifted. That day, Port City Sound probably gained a few new devoted supporters.

Naturally, many travelers chose to capture the spectacular concert on their mobile devices. Some of them posted those movies on social media, whereupon they rapidly got viral and spread like wildfire around the internet. The quartet’s thoughtful act ultimately resulted in a ton of attention for their group!

These outstanding performers went above and above to brighten everyone’s day!

They undoubtedly merit all of the acclaim they’ve received for being so willing to perform under pressure. Also deserving of praise is the flight attendant who had the foresight to request their sharing of their amazing skill.

Watch the amazing video below:

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Elderly men decided to elevate everyone’s mood by singing during a five-hour flight delay…
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