A bear accidentally finds a lost phone and records a hilarious video…

Months later, a man picked up the camera in the bush, and, well, let’s just say he was in for quite the surprise when he pressed the play button.

He’s definitely smarter than the typical bear.

A used GoPro camera was discovered by Dylan Schilt when he was out archery shooting in Laramie, Wyoming. So of course, he brought it home and charged it.

Despite the fact that he was curious, this time the cat wasn’t killed by curiosity.
Dylan was startled and amused by what he saw when he played back the GoPro’s recordings when it had fully charged.

More than four minutes of video were included. And what he saw when he arrived was an American black bear toying with the GoPro while dragging it about in its enormous mouth.

Although there is a lot of snow, the trees in the area were rather snow-free.

A bear who blogs is this!
The bear moves the camera about for the first 15 seconds of the video before attempting to pick it up with its jaws.

The bear finally succeeds after several humorous tries, even turning the front of the camera towards its face to give the impression that it was vlogging.

The weirdest thing I’ve ever discovered, hands down! states Schilt.
There are several scenarios in which someone might unintentionally lose a GoPro. People take them on hikes, bike rides, adventures, and many other activities since they are hardy small cameras.

But since GoPro cameras are rather small, missing one means you’ll probably never find it again.
The video was mocked on Twitter, making the bear look like a regular vlogger.

This bear became well-known without even realizing it.

Even if he has a lovely face, no one is going to just come up to him and give him a hug. Just give that mouth a nice, long look.

How big your teeth are!

Check out the funny video here:

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A bear accidentally finds a lost phone and records a hilarious video…
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