The navy crew couldn’t believe their eyes realizing what the large object actually was…

Nothing is more amazing and fascinating than life at sea. An extended voyage at sea feels like an old-fashioned adventure every day since the ocean has always been a mystery.

Having said that, the ocean is a hazardous environment. An elephant washed up in 2017 off the coast of Sri Lanka. These two lovely creatures would have perished if it weren’t for the Sri Lankan navy, notably a crew of navy divers.

When you are out on the broad ocean, a lot of things are quite unpredictable. For instance, the weather can change suddenly, and you never know what might lie below your ship in the extraordinarily deep waters.

Life at sea is incredibly unpredictable, whether it’s a pod of amicable dolphins waving hello or a swarm of jellyfish soaking up some warm water. The naval crew from Sri Lanka could attest to this. Most days, the squad is on the ocean, either monitoring particular areas or carrying out specified tasks.

During a routine patrol in 2017, the crew members noticed an unknown lump in the water.

The naval team’s boat approached the mass and got closer before realizing it was something new. They realized right away that their mission was going to be extraordinarily special.

Their boat was traversing deep waters as they were roughly 10 miles offshore. They rapidly understood that what they had perceived as a mass was actually a sizable elephant. The elephant may have stepped into the water after failing to traverse a lagoon, and a strong current may have swept it out to sea, according to officials.

The elephant was fighting for its life in the deep waters despite being quite exhausted. The elephant was in danger, and the naval crew realized they had to act quickly to save it and get it back to dry land.

Many people are unaware that despite their enormous size and weight, elephants are actually extremely good swimmers due to their buoyant bodies and trunks, which serve as a form of snorkel.

A rescue strategy was developed by the naval team from Sri Lanka and other teams that joined the group. The elephant was quickly captured in a leash and brought back to dry land so that it could safely reenter its native habitat.

Watch the video below:

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The navy crew couldn’t believe their eyes realizing what the large object actually was…
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