Mark Harmon was a hero not only on screen. He saved two young boys’ lives…

Mark Harmon saved two teenage boys from a burning automobile in addition to solving crimes and saving lives on “NCIS.” Additionally, Harmon recently celebrated his 71st birthday and continues to exercise every day.

One of the series’ enduring characters is Mark Harmon from the crime thriller “NCIS.” Fans have been glued to the show for 19 years thanks to his remarkable portrayal of Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Harmon discussed his undefined exit from “NCIS” after keeping his character alive for nearly two decades.

The actor claimed that he was always drawn to his NCIS persona and that this was because he loved the challenge of keeping it interesting and unique.

Even though Harmon is 71 years old, it appears like Gibbs’ persona could possibly make a comeback. The actor hinted at beginning a new phase of his career, but he reassured supporters that neither he nor his character had yet passed away.

In the final scene of Harmon’s final “NCIS” episode, he informed his coworkers that he would be staying in Alaska and would not be going back to his position as an investigator. Gibbs did provide a timeline for his stay in Alaska.

Steven D. Binder, the show’s executive producer and showrunner, calmed longstanding viewers when he issued a statement following Harmon’s departure.

The character is welcome to come back, according to Binder, who left the door open. Added he, “Therefore, as longtime viewers of the show may have seen over the years with regard to Gibbs’ future… Never write off Leroy Jethro Gibbs.”

Although Harmon is well known for his work as a criminal investigator, the actor has also appeared in a number of other films, including the TV film in which he played serial killer Ted Bundy.
It turns out that Harmon is a real-life hero in addition to saving lives on television. The two adolescent guys were rescued by the actor when they crashed their automobile close to his Brentwood house.

Around 7:15 p.m., two 16-year-old lads were operating a vehicle when they failed to recognize a turn and slammed into a tree. The car overturned and caught fire.

According to Brian Humphrey, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, Harmon acted swiftly, smashed the glass with a sledgehammer, and dragged the boys outside.

One of the boys, according to Humphrey, had a terrible burn covering 30% of his body, but he was taken right away to the UCLA Medical Center.

The other adolescent was sent to St. John’s Hospital and Health Center for treatment despite having only minor injuries.

Harmon may be 71 years old, but his physical health and vigor are crucial to him. From ages 18 to 22, the actor played quarterback for the UCLA football team, so practice was a regular part of his life.

This period of his life solidified for him the value of maintaining good health and fitness. Fans also like him for his commitment to maintaining his fitness and strength.

Since Harmon no longer has the endurance of an 18-year-old, pilates has become his go-to workout. The actor claimed that although it was difficult, he enjoyed the challenge. He stated:

I used to put in 60 to 70 miles per week. Right now, I wish I had some of that back. Controlling the machine is the key to Pilates, and that’s twice as difficult.

Evidently shy about his birthday, Harmon wants people to make a big deal out of it. His “NCIS” co-stars Michael Weatherly and Lauren Holly, a new cast member who collaborated with Harmon on “Chicago Hope,” disobeyed him.

It’s Mark Harmon’s birthday, so Weatherly and Holly wanted to go all out. To start, they printed 150 t-shirts with the message and distributed them to the entire staff.

The birthday celebration’s next step was decorating Harmon’s trailer. Weatherly and Holly were quite serious about this endeavor.

Holly claimed that she remained in her hotel room until Weatherly signaled that the exchange of fire had ended. Holly then drove back in her jammies to deliver off the party materials at three in the morning.

The art department was even involved in this birthday surprise. They embellished Harmon’s trailer’s four walls and mounted a plasma screen with a photograph of him.

The inside was taken care of by Holly and Weatherly. The “NCIS” actors decorated that trailer with confetti, pinatas, and helium balloons.

Holly had to wait for her coworkers to inform her how her surprise went because she had to drive back to her husband and kids in Chicago before the big revelation could take place.

Everyone was wearing the identical t-shirts when Harmon got on set, and he commented that from a distance, it appeared as though there was a demonstration, which frightened him. He was still uneasy when he finally got a better look, and his first query was, “Who did this?”.

Holly was thrown under the bus by the team, and she was concerned about Harmon’s response. She was shocked to learn that the actor cherished it and valued the care and support from his “NCIS” family.

Despite leaving the show, Harmon continues to have a significant role in it. The cast of “NCIS” has continued the birthday custom, and each year they give the actor a special birthday shout-out.

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Mark Harmon was a hero not only on screen. He saved two young boys’ lives…
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