Michael Corinthos from “General Hospital” had a difficult time in his childhood. He spent part of it in a coma…

On “General Hospital,” Carly Corinthos badly wanted to keep her son Michael away from his biological father A.J. Quartermaine. Soon after, she met Sonny Corinthos, who agreed to adopt Micahel and raise him as his own child when she fell in love with him. To safeguard her son, though, substituting an affluent alcoholic for a wealthy mob boss didn’t really help. It goes without saying that the drama in young Michael’s life was brought on by his two very powerful families.

Although actor Chad Duell, who has played Michael since 2010, is now widely recognized as the character, charming redheaded child actor Dylan Cash, who played the character from 2002 to 2008, was unquestionably a fan favorite. As a direct result of his father’s risky company, Michael went through some of his most trying times at that time.

Young Michael bought a gun illegally in order to defend his family in 2007, while the Text Message Killer was on the loose, according to Soap Central. Because of the lifestyle he had been exposed to in his early years, he believed it was what he needed to accomplish. However, things took a turn for the worse when he unintentionally shot Kate Howard, the girlfriend of his father (then Megan Ward). Kate made a full recovery, but Michael’s parents Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) were worried about his growing interest in a life of crime. Sonny decided to “become legitimate” as a result, and he gave his right-hand man Jason Morgan control of his criminal enterprise (Steve Burton). Sonny tried to remove himself from the mob, but it wasn’t enough to shield his son from harm.

Sonny Corinthos opted to separate himself from the mob and concentrated on his legal coffee import company. Sonny brought Michael to the coffee warehouse to show him how things were done because he wanted to introduce his son to the process that would one day be passed on to him. However, rival gangster Claudia Zacchara (Sarah Joy Brown, who had previously played Carly) had hired assassin Ian Devlin (Seamus Dever) that same night to kill Sonny. Due to the shooter’s slightly off-target aim, the bullet he fired ricocheted off some metal shelf and struck Michael in the head.

Michael was taken to the hospital urgently, but according to Soaps, he soon lapsed into a coma. When the doctors informed his parents and other relatives that he was likely to remain in a vegetative state permanently, they were horrified. Michael was to spend almost a year in a long-term care facility, and Carly and Sonny decided to arrange for his transfer there in May 2008. Michael’s coma was eventually reversed thanks to Carly and Sonny’s controversial and experimental procedure. Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) completed the treatment successfully, and Michael was awakened a year after the shooting (having been aged into a teenager and then being played by Drew Garrett).

With the exception of a few memory lapses and a few emotional problems, Michael Corinthos was generally in good health when he emerged from his coma, according to Soap Central. At his hospital bedside, Claudia Zacchara confessed to the shooting, which was one of the memories Michael had lost. This was particularly terrible because they had already started getting along after he woke up from his coma, when she had become his new step-mother. Michael struggled much with his newly discovered wrath, especially after he started to blame himself for a vehicle accident that resulted in Claudia losing his sibling.

Over time, Michael began to regain some of his coma-related memories. He confronted Claudia after remembering what she had told him about the shooting. Carly Corinthos Jacks, Michael’s very pregnant mother, was taken when she didn’t react well to her. When Claudia was getting ready to abduct Josslyn Jacks, Michael finally tracked the two ladies down to a lonely cottage. Claudia was killed when Michael grabbed up an ax handle to stop her and hit her over the head. Due to this circumstance, Michael was ultimately taken to Pentonville prison where he was raped by a man who had been paid by one of his father’s foes. Michael obviously had a very rough and traumatic upbringing because of Sonny’s way of life. In the end, he might have benefited more from being raised by AJ.

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Michael Corinthos from “General Hospital” had a difficult time in his childhood. He spent part of it in a coma…
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