An elderly woman was evicted from her house, but what her neighbor did will leave you speechless…

Although the idea of neighborliness may not have the same meaning it once did, one neighborhood in Hudson, Florida, is demonstrating that it is still alive and well.

Angie Tyma realized that she had been evicted from her home in November 2016 after learning that the person she had sold her house to — with the understanding that she would stay in it — had left for Europe and stopped making mortgage payments. After then, the property entered foreclosure.

Tyma lacked somebody to turn to. She didn’t think she would be dumped on the street since her husband had passed away 20 years before, especially at 89. Given how long she had lived there, she admitted to Today that being evicted from her house was nothing short of horrifying for her.

The elderly woman reportedly said to the publication, “I went through hell and back.” “I’ve spent 35 years living in this place.”
They booted me out, she continued. I found it hard to believe.
She was forcibly evicted because the management company that took control of the property was so desperate to get rid of her. According to Tyma, who spoke, they tossed out a lot of her furniture and belongings without giving it much thought.

Tyma described the company’s behavior to the source as “callous, really heartless.”

Tyma was compelled to book a room at a neighboring hotel after being forced to flee her home.

Her neighbors came together to try to find a solution after learning about the unexpected turn of events.

Eventually, Tyma’s neighbor Danielle Calder was able to purchase the home at auction for $167,500 and rent it back to Tyma at a fair rate, according to Today. Danielle Calder resided a few houses down from Tyma. Calder did not, however, disclose the rent’s price.

The 65-year-old Calder said to the newspaper, “Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house.” Yet I required her. She’s been here for so long that I couldn’t imagine her residing in a hotel room. Everyone is watching out for her.

Calder divides her time between Florida and Massachusetts, where she currently resides.
Tyma was allowed to return to her house in December 2016 after spending three weeks living at the Days Inn hotel, which also happened to be on the same day as her 89th birthday. Her amiable neighbors had also applied a fresh coat of paint on the house.

One of the nicest birthday presents Tyma had ever received, according to her, was being able to go back to her own house.

When she got out of the car and saw all these people and the media, she said, “I was in a state of shock. Normally one of my neighbors bakes me a cake every year. “I couldn’t speak. I was unable to even speak.

She said that getting her furnishings and belongings back in order was her first order of business.

“I’m opening up every box. I have a lot of broken things, she admitted. I’m cleaning, I say.

Tyma also thanked her neighbors for their assistance, especially Calder, who she called a “really good friend and a terrific neighbor.”

But Calder claimed that without Tyma, the neighborhood would not have been the same.

Everyone is familiar with Angie, she said. She regularly walks two little dogs. Despite being ancient, she has a lot of energy and is rather combative.

She said that all she truly wanted to do was assist.

We’re family; the entire neighborhood, she said, so it was the appropriate thing to do.

The spectators were moved by the neighbors’ friendliness in the meantime.

“The individuals who assisted her are excellent. I’d like to thank you for renewing my trust in people.

“Bless that family for supporting her; folks like that are rare. Shame on her landlord as well; that is absurd, said a another commenter.

“That is an incredible tale of a neighborhood coming together. What a fantastic result for this woman. She is quite fortunate to have such generous, considerate, and kind neighbors, a third user commented.

Many also expressed disgust at the crude way in which her situation was handled and how it was possible to evict an elderly woman from her house with such ease.

“We need new rules protecting the elderly, you can’t evict them without going to trial. A court will decide how long that individual lived there, if it’s been over 20 years they can freeze any sale of that home or the new homeowner can’t remove that elderly person, either.”

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An elderly woman was evicted from her house, but what her neighbor did will leave you speechless…
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