Ryan Reynolds lost a bet and as a result had to do a colonoscopy… Turns out it saved his life…

Gambling occasionally can be enjoyable. Normally, it doesn’t result in a medical operation that might save a person’s life, but in the instance of actor Ryan Reynolds, it did.

Ryan and his friend, the actor Rob McElhenney, are leading the lives of their dreams. The Welcome to Wrexham television series follows Ted Lasso’s daily life as co-chairman of the Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC. They wagered that Ryan would have his colonoscopy broadcast live if Rob picked up Welsh. Ryan kept his word and had the colonoscopy because Rob’s language abilities showed through.

Medical standards have evolved. Everybody should now get a colonoscopy when they turn 45. This age range applies to both Ryan and Rob.

To raise awareness about colon cancer and early screenings, Ryan and Rob partnered with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and their Lead From Behind initiative. In a video about the experience that was uploaded to his Instagram page, Ryan said: “Getting a colonoscopy is part of being this age. It’s a straightforward action that could genuinely save your life.”

While still stressing the significance of the process, Ryan maintained a healthy sense of humor about the circumstance. It’s not every day that you can spread awareness about something that will unquestionably save lives, he continued. “That’s sufficient encouragement for me to open up about having a camera jammed up my as…”.

Dr. Lapook, who performed Ryan’s colonoscopy, also wants people to be aware of how crucial it is to have one. They are an easy technique to prevent the diagnosis of colon cancer in the future. It is quite effective.

Dr. Lapook reviewed his findings with Ryan after the procedure. He discovered “an extraordinarily delicate polyp.” By taking it out, he might have prevented Ryan from dying.

Ryan was told by Dr. Lapook that this could have saved his life. I am not joking. I’m not being dramatic at all. This is the reason you act in this way.

“You’re halting the natural history of a disease, of something of a process that could have ultimately developed into cancer and caused all kinds of difficulties,” the doctor continues. He was happy to have saved Ryan from more issues.

“Instead, you’re not just detecting the polyp but also removing it,” said Dr. Lapook. “Therefore, no one would be aware that they had it, but he passed the 45-year screening age. He underwent a standard examination, so you see why individuals should do this. They must act immediately. In the simplest terms, this saves lives.”

Rob also had a colonoscopy since he didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. He ultimately underwent removal of three little polyps. “Screening and surveillance do make a difference,” according to his doctor, Dr. Treyzon.

Ryan made a statement about the entire ordeal. “I frequently appear on camera. One had never before been pushed up my a**, though. The preparation and operation were pleasant, but the uncomfortable portion of filming and sharing the process was. Rob and I did it to make this possibly life-saving treatment less stigmatized and unknown.”

Until recently, colon cancer was only thought to affect older people. Younger folks now experience it more frequently. By 2030, it might rank as the most lethal malignancy for persons under 50. Colonoscopies are crucial because of this.

Watch the video for more details:

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Ryan Reynolds lost a bet and as a result had to do a colonoscopy… Turns out it saved his life…
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