The beautiful skater performs under the song Hallelujah, and the entire room bursts into tears…

Many of us struggle just to balance in our skates when standing on the ice, let alone skate properly. Taryn Jurgensen, though, is an entirely different story. Since she was a young child, the ice has been her entire world. She consistently demonstrates her incredible talent on the rink.

In this video, she is undoubtedly at the top of her game. She gets her anxiety under control and skates onto the rink as she waits for the song she has been rehearsing for so long to start. Did you know that the actual sport of ice skating wasn’t formed until the middle of the 19th century before we saw her lovely performance?

Skating on frozen lakes and ponds has undoubtedly been a popular pastime for generations, but it truly didn’t catch on as a sport until then. Additionally, until Jackson Haines took to the ice in 1862, skating was somewhat uninteresting. He was revered as the “father” of all contemporary figure skating because he understood the importance of graceful, flowing motions in ice skating.

After word of his groundbreaking technique spread, the International Skating Union was established in the 1890s. Since then, ice skating has become a popular sport. It has enormous global appeal and is one among the most watched Olympic competitions.

Taryn was drawn to the Los Angeles Showcase by the amazing sensation of freedom on the ice as well as the thrill of performing. Taryn skated to Alexandra Burke’s “Hallelujah” and displayed her great talent. She can skate and dance beautifully; you won’t believe it.

Taryn executed each hop and twirl perfectly. She is quite talented when it comes to skating. She won the Funakoshi Trophy with this routine. Certainly, it is clear why.
When they saw her on the ice, the judges were in awe of numerous things. It is fascinating to watch her because of her grace and elegance. Her skating prowess genuinely embodies perfection in motion. Millions of people have watched this video alone thus far, and counting!

Watch the incredible performance here:

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The beautiful skater performs under the song Hallelujah, and the entire room bursts into tears…
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