“Cancer is not an obstacle for me”… Watch the motivating video of a man, still running marathons, struggling 4 stage cancer…

Tom Perri has participated in over 600 races, despite the fact that finishing a marathon is no easy feat. And astonishingly, the 61-year-old completed 200 of those marathons after receiving a stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis in 2019.

The cancer does not tell me what I am incapable of.

Running has been a major part of Perri’s life since he was a young child in Maple Grove, Minnesota. He has accumulated 100,000 miles running since he first started as a teen.

Six times, he has finished races in all 50 states.

Now, he said, “My ultimate objective is 14 times for all 50 states.”

He observed a decline in his performance a few years back. He initially believed he was overworking himself, but after thinking about the possibility of illness, he decided to get a physical and visit the doctor.

His prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood level was over 92, which is abnormally high, according to the results of the blood tests.

When Perri’s doctor informed him that he had stage 3 prostate cancer, he was astounded. He had no family history and was otherwise healthy.

It was honestly rather perplexing. Like, I led a good life and did nothing wrong. I was totally unprepared for that kind of diagnosis because, according to statistics, I didn’t fit the description,” he added.

He had therapy in 2019 that included having his prostate surgically removed, and after getting the all-clear, he started jogging again.

Over the years, his dog Otto and the running community have supported his motivation.

He learned that the cancer had spread and had reached stage 4 three months after his operation. Perri remained persistent despite the bad news.

If anything, he put in more effort.

It helps me to manage my stress and maintains me psychologically and physically healthy, according to Perri. “So that I can undergo these therapies that I undergo after undergoing 38 radiation treatments over the course of eight months on a medication treatment.”

Although many individuals would relish some downtime after finishing a marathon, Perri is eager for further competitions.

“Whatever occurs to us in life is out of our hands… Cancer can inform me of my limitations, but it will never inform me of my potential. And for that reason, I can still run.

Watch his motivational video here:

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“Cancer is not an obstacle for me”… Watch the motivating video of a man, still running marathons, struggling 4 stage cancer…
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