The way the grandfather welcoming his wife at the airport is something rarely happening…

Oh my gosh, he’s the best spouse ever and the cutest.

Pssst. Your today’s heartwarming PSA is provided below.

Despite being delayed at the airport with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, romance isn’t actually dead.

As he waited patiently to surprise his wife at the airport with a bag full of delights, 80-year-old Bernard Mills has won the hearts of over 60 million people.
Like the slick businessman that he is, Bernard showed up ready to woo his 75-year-old wife, Carol, with a box of chocolates, some lovely flowers, and of course, that dashingly attractive smile.

There was no way Carol could have missed spotting this gorgeous gentleman among the crowd, even with all the other vibrant background figures lining the concourse.

But let’s face it, she only had eyes for him, so it was simple to focus on her casanova crush as soon as she arrived.

And fortunately for us, Valerie Jane, a woman, managed to capture their tender embrace on camera. She realized something extraordinary was about to happen when she noticed the excitement growing on Bernard’s face.

“I saw this old man standing with roses and chocolates in his hand waiting for his wife to arrive from the airport at Van Nuys Flyaway as I was ready to board the bus.”

“This exemplifies love at its finest. It made my heart melt and proved to me that such love does exist. Hopefully these two sweet people in the video will be able to see this.

Chris Perry, a social media influencer, re-posted the YouTube-uploaded video on Facebook after it had already gone viral there.

Millions of people on the internet fell in love with it right away.
Who can blame them, though? It demonstrates to us the persistence of true love even when we aren’t continually switching between dating apps.

Before Cherisa Fleming, Bernard’s granddaughter, stepped out and proudly revealed to Buzzfeed News that the lovely pair were members of her family, nobody even knew who they were.

“My grandfather is a sweetheart every day, not just on special occasions. All the women in his life, notably his wife, are his favorites.

You may assume that Bernard and Carol have been happily married for a long time given their age, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.
After each of their 50-year marriages ended in death in 2010, they really connected on the dating website eHarmony.

Regarding their now-famous airport meeting, Carol had been away for two weeks attending a wedding in Delaware, and Bernard said that it was the first time they had ever been apart.

He must have truly missed his wife because in the course of 30 seconds, he gave her not just one kiss, but THREE!

The couple’s newfound online celebrity made Bernard laugh, and he told FOX News, “I felt it was unrealistic how so many people would be interested in what was going on in an airport that appeared so unimportant, but apparently everybody loves.”

Carol stated that she had only one question: “What is viral?”

See Bernard and Carol’s touching reunion in the video below:

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The way the grandfather welcoming his wife at the airport is something rarely happening…
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