The refugee boy performs Celine Dion so amazingly that the judges had no other choice but to stand…

It is distressing to consider that some kids are made to grow up in nations where all they have ever known is conflict, poverty, and uncertainty. Unfortunately, a lot of kids all across the world grow up being coerced into this way of life. This young child, Abu, and his family made the decision to flee Afghanistan, where they were originally from.

Abu left behind the rest of his extended family as well as the only nation he had ever known along with his parents and siblings. Abu experienced a difficult upbringing, but the song he sang on The Voice in 2018 will never leave him.

Despite the culture shock of coming to a new nation and the difficulty of trying to meet new acquaintances, Abu tried to make the most of his new position. Abu was generally upbeat about his new life, but he never wanted to forget the struggles his family had faced and how resilient they had been in supporting him.

Abu was ecstatic when The Voice Kids revealed they would be holding auditions.

He had a deep love for music and wished to share it with the world while shedding focus on the difficulties faced by refugees. Abu made the decision to perform “My Heart Will Go On,” a well-known song by Celine Dion, in order to express his message of optimism for the future.

Abu started singing, and all the judges immediately flipped their seats around. None of them wanted to miss hearing this strong young boy’s stunning voice. Although he has an angelic voice, his passion for the music comes through in the song, and his voice astonished and touched the entire crowd. It’s encouraging to know that each and every judge and spectator praised Abu for having a strong heart.

In today’s harsh and judgmental world, the tender, heartfelt moment is something so priceless. Prepare to be astounded by Abu’s talent when you see his performance.

Watch his stunning performance here:

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The refugee boy performs Celine Dion so amazingly that the judges had no other choice but to stand…
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