Out of 8 children Jon Gosselin could win the custody of 2 only…

The eight kids born to Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate are theirs. However, their divorce led to a protracted and contentious custody dispute. While Job has lost contact with the other six children, he was awarded full custody of his two children.

When Jon and Kate Gosselin appeared on their reality series, “Jon & Kate plus 8,” they became well-known. Before moving to TLC, the show ran on Discovery for two seasons.

In addition to sextuplets Alexis, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Leah, and Aaden, Jon and Kate also have twins Mady and Cara. They got married in 1999.

The pair utilized their reality program to demonstrate to viewers how they managed their marriage and reared eight children together.

The friction between the couple, however, became apparent as the show went on because they had different ideas about how to raise their kids.

The reality stars had their vows renewed in Hawaii in 2009 in an effort to reignite their romance. But a month later, Kate supposedly discovered Jon’s infidelity, and she requested a divorce.

When the divorce was finally formalized in 2010, Kate was granted full legal custody of the kids, and they shared equal physical custody. Jon continued to pursue getting his children back and forging ties with them despite losing custody.

After Jon claimed he had not seen his children in three years despite having full custody, the former couple gained media attention in 2016.

This marked the start of their contentious custody dispute. Soon later, Kate acknowledged that Collin, her son, was receiving behavioral treatment in a residential facility.

In 2018, Jon finally obtained sole legal and physical custody of his son Collin. Kate had requested that the hearing take place the next day, but her request was turned down.

The same year, the father of eight announced on social media that Hannah, one of his sextuplets, had been given to him as a permanent resident.

The father of the former reality star claimed he hasn’t spoken to his other six kids. Jon still wants to talk to them, but he respects their boundaries because it was their decision not to do so. He is merely pleased that they continue to communicate with their siblings.

Hannah explained her reasoning for choosing to go in with her father in a 2021 interview. The young reality star acknowledged that having a large family limits one’s ability to form enduring bonds.

Consequently, the 18-year-old stated: “I feel as though I made the decision to live with my father on my own. My dad and I have always had a solid, positive relationship, and I have always been closer to him.”

Hannah acknowledged that leaving her family behind was difficult, but that she had to make a choice for her own sake. She noted that living with Jon was preferable to her mother’s home because the treatment there was “unfair.”

When Jon revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19, he admitted that none of the six kids who shared Kate’s home with him had done so. Jon responded, “There’s just a disconnect,” when asked why.

Jon added that he is unable to communicate with his children because of too many legal restrictions. Collin, on the other hand, has had a difficult time adjusting to life with his father.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the 18-year-old described his father as a “lair,” accused him of beating him physically, and even contacted the police.

But only a few days after the alleged confrontation, Collin uploaded a photo to Instagram showcasing his new haircut and gushing about how great life is right now.

In spite of Jon’s denial of his son’s charges, his ex-wife Kate came forward two weeks later to accuse him of being violent.
The protracted custody dispute over the children of Jon and Kate is over now that they are adults. The father of eight said that now that it’s all over, he feels liberated. He stated:

“I am liberated in the sense that my children are now adults. Now that I have my own companies, it’s time for me to move on.

Jon said he was prepared to advance and begin dating. The father of eight felt as though a burden had been “lifted off his shoulders” after the conclusion of this protracted custody dispute and subsequent court appearances.

Despite his struggles with his kids, Jon is a proud father who frequently shares photos of them on social media. When Hannah and Collin started high school, he showed them images of them as kids.

As their father, he was astounded by how quickly they had developed. Jon also shared images of the stunning scenery from their family’s trip to St. Coix.

Jon remembers to celebrate each of his six children’s birthdays even though he hasn’t spoken to them in a while. Jon continues to wish for a happy and healthy reconciliation between himself and his kids.

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Out of 8 children Jon Gosselin could win the custody of 2 only…
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