An elder man see the ocean for the first time in his entire life… Watch his priceless reaction here…

He had to feel the ocean in his hands as soon as he caught sight of it.

Who among us like visiting the ocean? What year did you first come here?

Isn’t it lovely to be here?
The sensation of the soft ocean air on your face, the sand beneath your feet, and the splash of the waves as you try to catch it.

People who adore the water appreciate returning to this experience again and time again. They would ideally like everyone to have this experience at least once in their lives.

It may surprise you to learn that some people have never visited an ocean.

The nearest ocean is hundreds or thousands of miles away from many US states, which are located inland.

Most of its citizens, especially those who choose to remain put, have probably only seen oceans in photographs, movies, or television shows.

This 85-year-old guy they nicknamed Papa Bear is one of them.

Till lately, at least, Papa Bear had never seen the water. His future son-in-law accompanied him to the closest ocean so he could experience the water for the first time through sight, sound, smell, and touch.

Papa Bear was so appreciative.

He leaned forward and took a handful of the seawater in his hands as soon as he could. He had some trouble, particularly bending his knees and hips.

His relatives had to tell the other people to keep him back because falling down would be an issue.

But he succeeded!
He finally reached the ocean, and euphoric from the ocean air, he splashed it around. Papa Bear was in disbelief that he had arrived at the water at last.

And he may thank his future son-in-law for that. He took Papa Bear and his family to the seashore so he could see it for the first time in his life as a gift to his future father-in-law.

Papa Bear hasn’t been near the ocean in 85 years. After contacting the water, his countenance instantly brightened and he grinned widely.

Wow, he kept saying again and over.
Okay, this is really incredible! When they asked Papa Bear what he thought of the ocean, he responded, “It is more than I truly ever imagined about.

We can relate to that because, despite having visited the ocean thousands of times, we still experience the same emotions whenever we go there.

Some individuals don’t really mind if they never see the ocean.

Then there are those who have always wanted to go but have never got the opportunity.

“My grandmother passed away last year, without having experienced the ocean. Slevena commented on a post on the ocean, “When I started cleaning out her room, I uncovered a collection of miniature cutouts of beaches, mountains, and the sea (I think it counts as the ocean?) that she gathered over the years.

We can’t speak for everyone who hasn’t been to the ocean, but we are very happy that Papa Bear was able to go because he always wanted to.

Watch the video below to see Papa Bear’s sincere reaction to his first ocean touch!

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An elder man see the ocean for the first time in his entire life… Watch his priceless reaction here…
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