A man sharing what’s in his phone with a curious stranger boy will warm your hearts…

When traveling by public transit, especially in a large metropolis like New York, some pretty extraordinary things can occur. It can be scary at times, but there are also great moments like this one from 2018, when a man gave a small youngster access to his phone so he could play a game.

This man observed a young youngster watching him play a game on his phone while he was in the metro. He was obviously mesmerized by what he saw. The dad made a pleasant gesture that the youngster will presumably remember for a very long time, showing that he apparently understood its significance.

The dad handed his phone to the child who was sporting a red cap while wearing a gray t-shirt. The child enjoyed playing with the man’s phone for the remainder of the voyage. The dad watched the youngster with patience while he enjoyed himself. It’s safe to say that he had no idea that this would transpire on his drive that day, but it’s difficult to believe he didn’t feel a little happier following such a generous gesture.

He didn’t do this to attract attention either. Another commuter, Kia Tatiyana Davis, captured the scene on camera. He might have learned when the video was uploaded to YouTube a few days later.

People who left comments praised the man and praised the boy for being so adorable. It was something that anyone might use as a reminder of the power of simple deeds of kindness. Even if something is fleeting, that doesn’t have to be true of the memories it offers.

It is hoped that when this youngster grows older, he would recall this experience as a selfless act of compassion from a complete stranger and try his best to improve the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. Hopefully, the man will never forget how much joy he offered this youngster with this modest act.

At least one person observed what was happening, and it’s probable that his mother did too. We also hope that other passengers on the train noticed what had happened and were moved.

Watch the video here:

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A man sharing what’s in his phone with a curious stranger boy will warm your hearts…
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