The audience feels with tears and joy by Andrea Bocelli’s and his wife’s heavenly performance…

It’s likely that you’ve heard a lot of people in your life say they don’t enjoy classical music. If you enjoy it, people around you might even beg you not to play it while they’re around. However, it cannot be denied that classical music singers possess some of the most exceptional and distinctive voices in the business.

Even if you’re not into operas and symphonies, the music’s amazing vocalists are unquestionably exceptional. People adore Italian artist Andrea Bocelli for precisely this reason.

More than 90 million copies of his records have been sold, and the Billboard 100 ranked his most recent album at an astonishing number one. There is no denying the fact that many people adore his voice. His voice has been compared to God by Celine Dion herself!

Due to Andrea’s incredible vocals, he has had the opportunity to perform with several top performers, most recently Ed Sheeran and Josh Groban.

However, when Andrea chose to perform with his stunning wife, Veronica Berti-Bocelli, one of the greatest duets ever emerged.

Many years ago, Andrea and Veronica fell in love. Although Veronica was only 18 years old at the time, her husband remembers being astounded by both her voice and appearance. The couple moved in together the day after they met since it was love at first sight for them!

Despite the fact that Andrea is almost twice Veronica’s age—she is 60 and she is 35—they insist that their age difference doesn’t bother them and really strengthens their bond.

Andrea remembers spending her childhood in a home that accepted and valued age differences in relationships. They become friends over classical music and take pleasure in singing duets together. It is obvious that the foundation of their close bond is their shared love of music.

In addition to Andrea and his wife loving music, Matteo, Andrea’s son, is an opera singer.

Despite being only 23 years old, he is already starting his music career and making headway in the business by working with his father.

On Andrea’s most recent album, Si, he is mentioned in the song “Fall on Me.” Andrea claims to be quite impressed with Matteo’s musical abilities and to be confident in his success.

Watch their stunning performance here:

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The audience feels with tears and joy by Andrea Bocelli’s and his wife’s heavenly performance…
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