Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz’s relationship didn’t start all at once, but it took…15 years…

Today, Daniel Craig is probably a well-known name all over the world. Despite having appeared in several films over the course of his acting career, Craig is most well-known for playing secret agent James Bond.

The actors who have played the part of 007 since the films’ inception in the 1960s have gone on to enjoy enormous recognition and acclaim. Pierce Brosnan played James Bond before Craig. Indeed, it is a distinguished job, and Craig has done the part enormous honor.

Unlike other A-list celebrities, Craig has always led a reasonably private existence and does not enjoy being in the spotlight once he has finished filming. He has, however, used other occasions to express his affection for both his wife and his family. Craig and Rachel Weisz, an actress, have been married since 2011 and have a daughter together. In addition, Craig has a daughter from a prior union with Fiona Loudon.

He and Weisz kept their relationship and marriage secret for a considerable amount of time. Although he has long kept his life and opinions private, he occasionally discusses them in various interviews.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s obvious that Craig is protective of it and genuinely appreciates Weisz as a partner. While collaborating on a play in the 1990s, the couple initially got to know one another, but they didn’t start dating until 16 years later. Let’s look at the touching love tale of Craig and Weisz.

Craig is a well-known actor who has been in many movies, most recently as James Bond in “No Time To Die” in 2021. His fifth and final Bond film is this one. According to Craig, there was a lot of chaos when the movie was being made, including problems like the initial director, Danny Boyle, departing, Craig getting hurt, and an explosion on the set.

Craig did, however, feel sad about closing this chapter of his life as he finished filming and took his final bow as James Bond. Craig remembered having to give a speech following his final scene: “I kind of had everything I wanted to say all put together in my head. I was unable to expel it.”

There is much speculation about who will replace Craig as James Bond now that Craig has stepped down from the role. Although some people think it’s time for a woman to play Bond, this hasn’t exactly been a widely held opinion. Craig asserted that women “deserve their own roles that are just as wonderful” in an interview with Radio Times.

“There should just be bigger roles for women and actors of color,” he continued. Why should a woman play James Bond when there ought to be a role that would suit a woman just as well? he continued. However, British performer Lashana Lynch, who played another MI6 spy in the most recent film, left a lasting impact.

The actor previously told Hello Magazine that his and his wife’s privacy was “hugely essential,” yet not much is known about Craig and his personal life. Rarely, if ever, has the pair discussed their daughter, and Craig has also avoided discussing his 29-year-old daughter Ella, whom he has with his ex-partner Loudon, in the media. Craig and Weisz have, however, previously discussed one another in interviews.

Weisz stated: “I never imagined getting married, and I didn’t have any aspirations to do so. It was the exact opposite. Since marriage seems to be the main plot of romantic comedies, I was unable to relate to them. Then, luckily, it merely happened at a more responsible time.”

Despite the couple’s relative secrecy over their relationship, Marie Claire said that they are really in love. Weisz declared, “I love being Mrs. Craig,” adding, “I’m very, very thrilled to be married.” She revealed, “I’m Mrs. Craig on my checkbooks and passports and whatnot.”

Craig, on the other hand, discussed how his family life is frequently impacted by his filming schedule. “For eight months, I’ve been away from home. There isn’t any other option. My relatives detested me, “He confessed. “They’re only now beginning to forgive me.” Craig does not, however, ever carry his work or his persona home.

As for how Craig balances his professional and personal life: “Oh, it’s so simple, just go home; it’s simply what you do. James Bond doesn’t have much room at home.”

Although it’s obvious that Craig and Weisz are blissfully married right now, it took them a while before they started dating. In 1994, they initially came into contact while collaborating on the play “Les Grandes Horizontales.” But they didn’t start dating until December 2010, 16 years later.

Fortunately, it was clear that they connection, and their relationship only grew stronger. The happy pair exchanged vows in a modest, private ceremony in New York City in June 2011. Later, in September 2018, Craig and Weisz had their first child together, expanding their lovely family of Weisz’s son and Craig’s daughter.

Weisz talked on keeping her marriage to Craig as secretive as she could in November 2014, after the couple had been able to maintain their secrecy. She said “He’s just too well-known. An act of betrayal, that is. You must defend your marriage.”

Added the actress: “When you’re young, you confide everything to your girlfriends. Not having to share everything is one of the great benefits of not being a teenager. That door closes after you get married. Once the audience leaves, your life is your own.”

In a 2015 interview, Weisz spoke up more about her private life. She acknowledged, “I don’t know a Hollywood lifestyle,” while describing how she came from modest origins in London and was able to successfully juggle her profession and Craig’s career in addition to their marriage.

Weisz discussed making marriage her own in an interview in 2018. “It’s incredibly intimate. It’s really personal “She spoke.

Watch Weisz talking about their marriage below:

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Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz’s relationship didn’t start all at once, but it took…15 years…
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