Rosie O’Donnell eventually reveals why she didn’t get over what Ellen DeGeneres did to her…

Rosie O’Donnell gave an explanation for why she and Ellen DeGeneres are not close.

On Watch What Happens Live, O’Donnell, 60, acknowledged feeling friction in the past with DeGeneres, 64, during her talk with Andy Cohen. The former co-host of The View claimed that she was never requested to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show until the very end of its 19-season run, despite O’Donnell having DeGeneres as a guest on her talk show.

Cohen asked, “Did they not invite you to appear?” to begin the conversation.

O’Donnell answered, “No.

She continued, “After my program was off the air and hers was coming on the air, we had a little bit of a weird moment. “What ever happened to Rosie O’Donnell? said Larry King while they were both on Ellen. Her show was a complete failure! She revealed she was a lesbian and then vanished!”

O’Donnell was taken aback by DeGeneres’ remark. “I’m quoting Ellen when she added, “I don’t know Rosie.” We are not close.”

O’Donnell recalls the exact moment she first witnessed it on screen. “Did I just hear that? I asked my ex-wife Kelli Carpenter as we lay in bed. Or was that an auditory voice in my head, a hallucination? “She spoke.

“And that is what took place. It also made me feel like a baby, “Added she. And I never quite moved on from it.

They “also never requested” O’Donnell to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cohen continued. O’Donnell, however, claimed that the show had in fact questioned her once at the end of its run.

She said, “I was going to go on for SMILF, but I wanted to bring someone else with me so it was a bit less weird.” “They were unwilling to do that.”

She concluded the chat by asking O’Donnell how she was feeling right now and wished DeGeneres well. She wished her well and wished her nothing but the best in life.

From 1996 to 2002, The Rosie O’Donnell Show was broadcast. DeGeneres made an appearance on the program to discuss her choice to come out in the entertainment business.

She informed O’Donnell that the persona was “Lebanese” before the “Puppy Episode” on Ellen, which saw DeGeneres discuss her sexuality for the first time. While allowing portions of the show’s plot to be discovered, DeGeneres was able to address rumors about the character through the joke.

After 19 seasons, The Ellen DeGeneres Show came to an end in May.

Both women used their platforms to publicly declare their lesbian identities and to support the LGBTQ+ community. DeGeneres once thought that her career would end if she came out as gay in public.

She recently noted during an opening monologue of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which honored the 25th anniversary of the now-iconic episode, “When I came out, people warned me that it was going to kill my career, and they were right for a moment.” “Actually, I lost my career for exactly three years. But now look at me.”

Watch her talking more in details below:

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Rosie O’Donnell eventually reveals why she didn’t get over what Ellen DeGeneres did to her…
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