How George Clooney’s family saved aunt Juju from despair?…

In the next movie Ticket to Paradise, Julia Roberts and George Clooney will be working together once again. Roberts and Clooney spent a lot of time with one other while trapped in a pandemic bubble while the movie was being filmed in Australia.

During filming, Clooney and his wife Amal were residing together, according to the longtime friends who made the revelation in an interview. Roberts must, however, live close in a house by herself. Clooney stated in the conversation, “With all of these wild birds on Hamilton Island, where we first arrived, Julia had a home directly beneath Amal, myself, and the kids. Early in the mornings, Julia and I would both be like, “Caa-caa,” when we emerged from our rooms. We would then bring her a cup of coffee. My children called her Aunt Juju.”

This was the first time, Roberts said in the interview, that she had spent a significant amount of time apart from her family. She stated: “The Clooneys saved me from total isolation and hopelessness. It was the longest time I’ve ever been apart from my family and we were in a bubble. Since I turned 25, I don’t believe I’ve spent that much time alone.”

The star of Notting Hill stated that Clooney began to “go a little bit cuckoo” on his eleventh day in quarantine after arriving in Australia. That’s why they invented alcohol, he remarked, and Roberts added, “or chocolate chip cookies,” in response.

Early 2022 saw a delay in the release of Ticket to Paradise due to an increase in COVID cases in Australia. The crew was dealing with many instances, so they had to wait until the local spike in cases subsided.

Roberts and Clooney play a divorced couple who band together and travel to Bali to prevent their daughter from making the same mistake they did 25 years earlier in the Ol Parker-directed movie. On October 21, the film is scheduled to open in theaters.

Following the maturation of her children Henry, 15, and the twins Phinneas and Hazel, 17, Roberts is making a comedic comeback with this romantic comedy. She stated: “I simply accept everything as it is. I don’t have any upcoming acting roles, and I try to be very present and not plan. Returning to a routine is really gratifying. And I enjoy being at home and a mother.”

In the interview, she also said: “The Covid restrictions made it really difficult to film in Australia, and I believe it is a true credit to our friendship and the creative atmosphere we were in that it wasn’t even more difficult given that I’m no longer designed to be a single person. Just my cellphone data doesn’t have it.”

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