Students become their teacher’s bridesmaids and groomsmen and organize the most beautiful wedding…

Mason McDowell of Wichita, Kansas, teaches third grade at McLean Elementary School, while Alexandra Stamps teaches fifth grade there. The couple decided they wanted to do something special for their students as soon as they became engaged. To be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen at their wedding in 2021, they each made the decision to invite their entire classrooms.

Stamps planned to record their response when she asked her class to join her wedding party in April 2021 and post the footage to Tik Tok. The youngsters were overjoyed and started shouting and leaping about. Stamps claimed that she wanted to give her students something enjoyable to look forward to because the previous year had been so difficult.

Before seeing the bride and groom for the first time on the wedding day, the students queued up and everyone shut their eyes. Some of the children even appeared a little emotional since they were so excited to see the pair dressed in their wedding gear. They all appeared to be ecstatic to be a part of such a significant day in their teacher’s life.

The children appeared to be a little version of a conventional wedding party because they were all dressed up for the event. At the reception, they danced with the bride and groom and posed for pictures with them. Some of the students were probably attending their first wedding, and they seemed to be having a great time. Stamps’ decision to invite her students to her wedding was wonderfully thoughtful.

In 2020 and 2021, Stamps had to put up with remote instruction, and she was aware that her students were suffering as a result of spending so much time alone. “I wanted to give them something to look forward to this summer, since this last school year was so stressful with COVID,” she told Inside Edition. Both on the day of their invitation and the wedding day, the kids appeared to be having a good time.

Wichita came together in a big way to make sure the students and instructors had a blast. The girls were able to get their hair done the day of the wedding and even wear dresses given by Morilee designer Madeline Gardner thanks to the assistance of local vendors.

Each of the little bridesmaids received a stunning green dress thanks to the designer’s assistance. “Oh my goodness, how is she going to locate 21 outfits for each of those girls?” I said as I simply gazed upon it. stated Gardner. The boys were all dressed in black slacks, white ties, and white shirts. They had a very polished, official appearance.

As they all danced and joked together, the students gave off the impression that they were all having a great time at the wedding. “Their sincere smiles were the finest part, simply said. At the conclusion of the big day, Stamps stated, “I know they’re all eager to be here, so it’s just very lovely and it just means a lot to me. We congratulate the newlyweds on allowing their pupils to take part in such an important event and wish them a long and happy marriage.

The Wichita Eagle claims that Stamps and McDowell came into contact while vying for the same teaching position in March 2021. The two young teachers struck up a conversation about barbeque instead of keeping their distance as rivals, which led to them exchanging phone numbers.

According to Stamps, “I typically don’t provide my number to guys that I simply meet.” But I found him to be extremely cute.

He asked if we could spend time together after Stamps said, “We recognized that we liked one other without stating it.”

Unfortunately, though, the epidemic got in the way. Stamps was hesitant to meet up in person since she was trying to be cautious, but she eventually gave in and met McDowell in a park in Wichita.

A little over a year later, in the same location, McDowell proposed to Stamps while on his knees. Stamps quickly asked her pupils if they would like to go to the wedding.

We both genuinely adore our pupils, and we spend more than 40 hours a week with them. So, rather than just having them in the audience, I thought it may be sort of fun to involve them in the festivities, Stamps told The Eagle.

“I simply want to share with them this unique aspect of my life. They deserve to be up there with me because of the hard work they’ve put in this year, the fact that they not only survived the pandemic but actually thrived in it, and the fact that I’ve watched them develop as individuals.

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Students become their teacher’s bridesmaids and groomsmen and organize the most beautiful wedding…
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