At the “Ireland’s Got Talent” audition, a mother and son singing duet moves everyone to tears…

Many people are unaware of the global reach of the singing competition series “Got Talent.” Every week, viewers from all over the world tune in to see amateur singers give it their all on stage.

We are accustomed to hearing a wide range of spectacular musical performances, some performed solo and others in groups. But every so often, a musical performance appears that causes the audience to stand up from their seats and experience the emotions that the singers bring to life with their tremendous talent.

On a recent Ireland’s Got Talent program, that extraordinary moment actually happened. Sharon and Brandon, a mother and son, performed a duet on stage. As the two started to sing, the crowd had no idea what was in store for them.

As mother and son performed together, it was clear how much they loved one another. As the two concluded their lovely duet, there were few dry eyes in the audience.

Sharon told the audience that she and Brandon had been singing together ever since he first learnt to talk before they started singing their number. Since music has always played a significant role in their relationship, the two had discussed going on a singing competition for some time before deciding to do so.

The two’s decision to choose a certain song was questioned by one of the show’s judges. When Sharon said that the music was chosen because to the emotional resonance it had with the near-death experience that her song had gone through a few years before, Sharon came dangerously close to crying.

Sharon was in a terrifying circumstance that would make every mother’s greatest dread come true. One day she got a call, and when the person on the other end informed her that Brandon was in the hospital, she was shocked. He had several seizures and was taken right away to the closest emergency room.

When she got to the hospital and started talking to the doctors, her heart sank. Brandon was in bad shape, so Sharon was urged to be ready for the worst.

They advised her to get ready to say her goodbyes. While alternately singing to Brandon and pleading with God to rouse him up, Sharon sat by his bedside and held his hand. Against all difficulties, Brandon managed to awaken.

Because he was able to share the stage with his mother that evening, Brandon told the judges that he felt like a winner. The duet brought the audience to tears, and they gave the pair a standing ovation.

The host of the competition hit the golden buzzer, sending Brandon and Sharon directly into the final round before any of the judges could offer their opinions.

Watch the incredible video below:

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At the “Ireland’s Got Talent” audition, a mother and son singing duet moves everyone to tears…
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