Former bodyguard to Queen Elizabeth recently shared about her humor when meeting two Americans…

Think again if you believed that members of the Royal Family are not amusing. Queen Elizabeth II, who had ruled for 70 years, died on September 8 at the age of 96. Those who knew her well are recalling a side of her that was less well-known to the general public. Her bodyguard paid tribute to her memories and her sardonic sense of humor by relating a tale about a chance encounter she had with two Americans while out for a hike near her Scottish castle.

The queen met two hikers while out for a stroll, and it was clear that they had no idea who she was, according to the queen’s former security Richard “Dick” Griffin. The elder queen, who typically wears in bright colors for public events to make herself more visible, elected to dress more casually that day. Her Majesty strolled across the Scottish Estate grounds while donning tweeds and a headscarf. The Times was informed at the time by Richard Griffin that the Queen occasionally wants to elude the prying eyes of the public because she didn’t want to expose her cover.

Earlier this year, at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The Queen would always stop and say hello when she met people, Griffin recalled when he told the tale. From the minute we halted, it was obvious that they hadn’t seen the Queen. The American man was describing to the Queen his origins, their next destination, and their previous stops in Britain. She said, “Well, I live in London but I’ve got a holiday property just on the other side of the hills,” when one of the tourists asked her where she lived. She also revealed to them that she had been visiting Balmoral Castle for more than 80 years, ever since she was a young child.

She joked, “Well, I haven’t, but Dick here meets her frequently,” in response to the hiker’s question about whether she had ever met Queen Elizabeth.” Next, the American traveler questioned Griffin, “You’ve met the Queen, I see. Who is she like?” Griffin made the decision to comply. She can be extremely cantankerous at times, but she has a beautiful sense of humor, I assured them, because I was with her for a long time and I knew I could make her laugh “he declared. Later, the American tourists left without knowing who they had been speaking to!

Watch him telling the story here:

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Former bodyguard to Queen Elizabeth recently shared about her humor when meeting two Americans…
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