The woman gets arrested on her 100th birthday, and the reason will put a big smile on your face…

Everybody has distinct aspirations for their lifetimes, which they want to accomplish. For their 100th birthday, some people would desire to meet famous people or visit far-off places, but this centenarian had an unusual wish. Jean Bicketon had a goal to be arrested on her bucket list. The former nurse was merely detained by Australian police in Victoria in order to appease and grant the woman’s requests.

The woman was having her 100th birthday party as planned when the police showed up and took her into custody. She had always wanted to be detained, so when she turned 30, the government decided to grant her desire. She wanted to be arrested so the Victorian Police put handcuffs on her in a mock arrest and detained her from the Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care. Bicketon, who worked in the army for decades, claimed, “I’ve never been arrested in my life. I said to them I’ve never been drunk and I’ve never been arrested, never lost my driving license, and never had an infringement.”

She remembered, “The fact that they were so velvety astonished me. In any case, they were too huge for me.”

The law-abiding individual wanted to spice up her birthday celebration a little. Therefore, when the police learned of her wishes, they were eager to fulfill them. Police told the other inmates of the care home about the birthday celebration when they got there. They didn’t want to alarm the locals by implying that there was problems anywhere.

They wrote about the fictitious arrest in a Facebook post. “Now, we’re glad to make these kinds of arrests. Living a life without being arrested is a very good run for many people. We would like to believe that it is an obvious one.” Added were, “Therefore, when we learned of Jean’s requests, our team at Moe station was prepared to assist in crossing it off. Three young police officers arrived at Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care to ensure sure Jean’s birthday wishes were fulfilled as she celebrated her milestone.”

They added that after handcuffing Bicketon, the officers declared that she had been arrested. With little control, Jean eagerly complied, they joked. They wrote in their conclusion, “Jean said it was one of the nicest celebrations, and we’re happy we could contribute to making it happen. I’d like to wish Jean a happy 100th birthday! We appreciate everyone who helped make this possible.”

It was one of Bicketon’s favorite birthdays to date, and she thanked the police for making her day.

The Victoria Police Facebook post received a ton of positive feedback. A person posted, “Congratulations to Jean on reaching 100 years old! Thank you Vic, and what a lovely story. Police, you made her day, and she will never forget it.”

One more person stated, “You guys are very sweet to do that. I applaud you! Thank you for keeping us safe, Vic Police. You are the greatest.” A third individual said, “I like both this and the comments. You can never be too old to have fun, so good work Victoria Police for making her day.”

A similar occurrence happened in May of this year when Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas, then 19, was apprehended after attempting to flee from the police. According to the New York Post, she eventually said that getting detained was just something she wanted to do. She was eventually taken into custody for evading and avoiding the police.

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The woman gets arrested on her 100th birthday, and the reason will put a big smile on your face…
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