Jason Momoa cuts off his distinctively long hair in support of the global issue…

The actor from “Game of Thrones” has done this twice; the first time was in 2019.

Jason Momoa, star of “Aquaman,” has a new appearance after shaving off his trademark long hair to promote a cause that is dear to his heart.

On Monday, the “Game of Thrones” actor posted a video to his Instagram account documenting the momentous haircut.

In the video, Momoa joked that he had never experienced the wind blowing on the freshly shaved section of his head as he held up two braids the hairdresser had just cut.

He spoke to his followers even as the hairdresser finished shaving the rest of his head. Momoa gave an explanation of his decision to shave his head, saying that he is doing it to spread awareness of the harmful consequences of single-use plastic and to inspire his fans to make an effort to do away with it.

“These plastic bottles are getting on my nerves. We must stop “said he. “Plastic forks and such nonsense. It simply enters our country. It ends up in the water. I’m currently in Hawaii and it’s simply so heartbreaking to see things in our ocean. Therefore, if there is anything you can do to stop using single-use plastic in your life, please do.”

Reusable aluminum water bottles are readily available today, thus the plastic alternative is no longer necessary, as Momoa pointed out.

Plastic bottles are absurd, Momoa declared. “Bring your water bottle; otherwise, everyone will start producing aluminum, which is amazing. So, hello. We’ll keep moving forward.”

Momoa has shaved his beard in the past to try and convey the same idea to his followers. He said in 2019 that he had founded Mananalu, a business that sold drinking water in reusable aluminum bottles rather than plastic ones.

The actor further emphasized his point in the video’s title, where he urged viewers to cooperate in order to maintain the oceans clean and, in turn, safeguard the lives of all marine life that might be affected by the plastic that makes its way into the ocean.

He wrote, “Here’s to new beginnings, let’s share the aloha.” “Be more diligent in preserving our lands and seas. Single-use plastics must be eliminated from our lives and the oceans. Everything is made of plastic: containers, bags, packaging, and cutlery. Aloha j. @mananalu.water, let’s aloha our ‘ina together.”

Currently being filmed by Momoa is “Fast X,” the 10th entry in the core “Fast and the Furious” series and the 11th entry if spinoffs are included. Momoa will be making his franchise debut in this episode.

After his tenure as Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones” ended, he has discussed how challenging it was to obtain parts for a period.

“We were starving after “Game of Thrones,” after all. I failed to land a job. When you have children and are deeply in debt, it can be really difficult “he stated. “People assumed I didn’t speak English because they were unaware that I was acting. I’m not Drogo at all.”

Watch the video of him cutting his hair here:

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Jason Momoa cuts off his distinctively long hair in support of the global issue…
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