The infertile man didn’t agree to adopt a kid until he saw a baby that looked exactly like the one he dreamed of as a child…

While a man who had seen his future child when he was a youngster himself struggled to have children with his wife, he was shocked. He stubbornly declined her suggestion to adopt after numerous trials.

The introduction of trendy terms like fate, destiny, or the supernatural these days will often be met with derision. Humans are occasionally reminded, nevertheless, that science and technology are just as real as destiny and magic.

This tale is about a man who, as a young man, had a vision that, years later, was realized in a way that both humbled him and his wife and could only have been divine.

Walt Manis was born and reared on a farm in Arkansas. He has always loved the outdoors and spending time in nature. “I enjoyed being in nature. I would just go out there by myself and I’d have all this time, and I’d be talking to God,” Walt remarked.

The boy assumed it to be normal despite the fact that it sounded somewhat strange. But when he was 12 years old, he had a vision that foretold he would raise a daughter named Chloe.

He was swinging her around in his parents’ yard; it was a vivid dream, and even after he awoke, he couldn’t forget the scene or the child’s name.

Soon after the vision, Walt relocated to a new location and met Annie, a little girl. They are neighbors who live across the street from one another, and they quickly became close friends.

Walt and Annie were able to connect because of the proximity of their families, despite the fact that he did not take Annie seriously because she was just a “little munchkin” because of where their families resided on the other pasture.

Naturally, Annie thought he was magnificent and kept telling herself how wonderful it would be to wed a man like Walt when she was older.

He had been gracious enough to come over to help her put things up and connect her with a church before she eventually enrolled in a university that was 30 minutes away from where he had been attending school.

As their time together grew, Annie eventually confided in Walt about her wish to have children during a conversation. She also mentioned the ideal name Chloe that she had in mind for her daughter.

Walt had recognized the name in his vision, and the two of them were astounded by the synchronicity. In fact, the situation wasn’t very clear to the two of them because Walt had imagined a lady with the child’s characteristics.

Even though Annie had also been considering the name Chloe, she didn’t have any of them. Nevertheless, as their friendship developed, the two eventually fell in love and got married. By Annie

Walt immediately gave me a sense of belonging.

After getting married, Walt and his wife made the decision to put off starting a family for a while, opting instead to travel and work with mission organizations. But when they thought it was time, the two were unsuccessful.

After the first year, they realized that they had spent four years trying to conceive without any success. Walt, who had experienced a vision as a youngster, refused to give up on the promise of a child they both believed God had provided, even though Annie gradually began to lose hope.

Later, Annie would acknowledge that she had trouble keeping her religion because she thought it was “cruel.” When God began acting in ways that Annie didn’t find to be good, it began to impair their connection with him, and Annie began to doubt his goodness.

Walt even said that his wife occasionally had to fake a goofy smile while congratulating folks as they watched their friends welcome kids. They eventually began to see themselves as “fools who desired kids.”

However, Annie noticed a change in herself along the way as she began accepting the possibility that they might never have a kid of their own and that it was perfectly alright. They started to accept it, but they were unable to ignore their overwhelming want to have children.

They continued to pray together while also having others, including strangers, pray for them. When it looked like nothing would change despite their best efforts, Annie recommended that they consider adopting a kid.

Walt flatly declined; there was no way he would consent to raise a child who was not his flesh and blood, particularly given how certain he was that the promised child would arrive.

He refused to consider adoption for as long as he could, but in the end he gave in. He believed that God had promised him a child, thus he wanted the child he had been promised, not just an adoption.

They decided to name their kid something different when Walt agreed to think into adoption, believing the vision to have been a “fluke.” Then, one day, Annie got a letter from the adoption agency saying that a baby was still inside and was looking for a mother.

When it came time to see the birth mother, Walt accompanied Annie despite his continued skepticism about their course. There he encountered a woman who resembled an adult version of the young girl he had seen in his vision.

Even though it was a startling epiphany, there was more. They were asked what name they would love to give the child after spending three hours talking with the mother. The child’s birth mother claimed that she had always called the child Chloe before they could even begin to converse.

The mother informed the couple that she had never considered any other names before learning about Walt and Annie, which left the couple in a state of shock.

They both sobbed in unison because they had made the decision to give up the name yet had come all that way to find it waiting for them. By Annie

“I don’t even recall exactly what we did; all I remember is that I was sobbing in public.”

It dispelled all of their skepticism that the child they desired to adopt was actually the one they were meant to raise and served as a reminder of the privilege that comes with being Christians.

That very day, they sensed God’s presence, and Annie recognized how limited her outlook had been while she waited to give birth. The delivery day eventually arrived, and the couple was reunited with their child. Nobody can persuade Walt and Annie otherwise; to them, it was a miracle.

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The infertile man didn’t agree to adopt a kid until he saw a baby that looked exactly like the one he dreamed of as a child…
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