The soldier surprised his wife in the most creative and touching way, and the Internet can’t take the cuteness…

Most people will do anything out of pure love for their spouse.

For the same reason—love—those who serve in the military may be separated from their family for extended periods of time. love for their country and their neighbor. The fact that people may go about their lives without worrying about dangers to the country is due to these brave soldiers.

They leave behind loved ones who are continuously concerned for their welfare while they are away on deployment. That explains why recent home videos are so heartbreaking.

On Valentine’s Day, a soldier decided to be extra imaginative and kind with his homecoming plan.
Ryan wanted to surprise his wife, so with the assistance of his friend, he dressed up like a bear and sat down by her front porch while his friend took pictures.

Try to go inside the costume while wearing his outfit. Ryan is having a lot of trouble entering.

His friend is recording, the flowers and the message are prepared, and the tension is great.
All he has to do now is wait there while appearing as lifeless as a doll after eventually getting his head under and inside. However, this bear is a full 6-feet tall.

The great Valentine’s Day surprise is about to begin!
Ryan’s wife, Megan, emerges from the house after the man recording approaches and knocks on the door and smiles widely.

She is told by the cameraman, who is acting as her alibi, that Ryan sent some gifts and that he must read the card in front of the camera because her spouse expected a reaction. He is, after all, “abroad.”

Megan sets the flowers down before opening and reading the note.

Ryan the bear carefully moves after she does so as to preserve the surprise. Whether he can even see in there is unknown.

A viewer claims that even though they are wearing bulky doll outfits, only soldiers can stand still.

As Megan reads the touching letter her husband sent, she struggles to contain her tears until she reaches the part where it says, “PS, I have one more surprise for you.”

Ryan is now standing up with the bear suit pulled down to reveal his face.
Megan is instructed to put the flowers down and turn around by Ryan’s friend. She still seems a little perplexed, but She is obviously still upset from reading the letter.

She finally turns around.
As they embrace one another after spending so much time apart, it is such a lovely moment.

Watch the loveliest video below:

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The soldier surprised his wife in the most creative and touching way, and the Internet can’t take the cuteness…
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