Lana Wood couldn’t thank enough for the new role and work she was given after experiencing this in her life…

After surviving a highly publicized stint of homelessness in 2017, Lana Wood’s latest film represents a return.

The seasoned performer, 76, plays Vera Summers, a self-centered Hollywood flop who is on the edge of financial ruin until she meets a cabbie who transforms her outlook on life, in the independent film “Dog Boy.”

In the 1971 film “Diamonds Are Forever,” Wood, who is most known for playing Plenty O’Toole opposite Sean Connery’s James Bond, was frank about her financial difficulties and how the movie helped her get back on her feet.

The youngest sister of the late, famous Natalie Wood told Fox New Digital, “It affected so many pieces of me. “So many of the experiences the guy was having or had were things I could relate to. There were times when I could have been the culprit. It held my attention. worried me. But doing it was fantastic.

Years ago, when Wood was living in a motel with her daughter Evan Taylor Maldonado, son-in-law, three grandchildren, and their two dogs, she experienced some difficult times.

The family was forced to leave their home because they were unable to pay the rent.

Wood, a mainstay on 1960s TV shows including “The Long, Hot Summer” and “Peyton Place,” claimed that, for obvious reasons, her “Dog Boy” character affected her soul.

She remarked, “I remember when Vera stated she was going to lose her home. She was in a situation where she was about to lose her house. I could really relate to that. At times it was a touch depressing. What a beautiful experience, though.

When Wood’s sole daughter passed away at age 42 from heart failure in 2017, it was unfortunate that she had to deal with even more pain. Later, she asked a friend to create a GoFundMe page, and it nearly raised $40,000 to help with hospital bills and other costs.

Wood expresses gratitude to her fans for their support despite her suffering. “I just never thought folks would provide a hand. I’m really appreciative. She gushed, “They’ve got my heart.

Wood currently shares her house with her grandchildren, dogs, and cats.

“We have one another. We fight about cooking and eating. I’m there working with the homeschooling child to try to understand mathematics. However, I’m extremely happy,” the “Peyton Place” actress continued.

Over the course of her more than 50-year career, Wood has worked on a variety of projects and played numerous TV roles, but she said to Fox Digital that returning to a film set “was daunting and a little overwhelming.”

“Even though it was a small independent picture with a large team, it felt like coming home. I got along well with everyone. I overcame my anxiety.

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Lana Wood couldn’t thank enough for the new role and work she was given after experiencing this in her life…
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