Guy Fieri reveals what are his strange and strict secrets to make his sons independent…

The presenter of the television program “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” admitted he has tight guidelines when it comes to his children’s first automobiles, so Guy Fieri’s youngest son won’t be driving the chef’s notorious 1968 red Camaro shown in “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

The father of two explained to People that before they could buy a newer automobile, both of his boys had to drive an older vehicle for a year without getting into any tickets or accidents.

Fieri remarked, “It’s a rite of passage.”

“Prove to me that you can drive the automobile for a year without acquiring any dents, having any wrecks, or receiving any tickets. Show that you have everything under control. Then you may go out and buy a car with your own money,” he added.

Fieri, a father of two boys, Ryder, 16, and Hunter, 26, said he doesn’t want to punish his sons by teaching them how to take care of their cars.

Fieri continued, “I want the lads to be self-sufficient.

The chef added that Ryder, who turned 16 in December, is currently operating his grandparents’ ancient Chrysler minivan.

When Ryder first got his license, you know what he used to commute to school in? He took the used Chrysler minivan with 259,000 miles that belonged to my parents, said Fieri.

He said, “I’m not going to purchase Ryder a car, and I won’t allow him get a car until he finishes a year driving the minivan without getting in any violations or accidents.

The 26-year-old Hunter admitted that his grandfather’s 1996 truck, which was said to have “no working windows,” was what he used to get his license.

Hunter stated, “He’s a fantastic teacher, a great father, and he leads by example. He takes the proper steps to prepare you for life in the real world. And teaches you that not everyone will hold your hand through life; instead, it emphasizes discipline, hard effort, and perseverance.

The elder Fieri child concurs with his father’s decision to give Ryder the minivan.
Hunter said, “I’m delighted Ryder is operating the minivan. It is a really valuable lesson for him.

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Guy Fieri reveals what are his strange and strict secrets to make his sons independent…
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