How does legendary Loni Anderson look like now? You won’t believe your eyes…

In the CBS sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati,” Loni Anderson played the receptionist Jennifer Marlowe and was a familiar face on American television in the late 1970s.

Anderson won three Grammys for the program, which aired from 1978 to 1982 and followed the ups and downs of the crew at a struggling fictional radio station in Ohio.

In the 1966 film Nevada Smith, the actress from Minnesota made her acting debut alongside Steve McQueen.

She continued to appear on television after that, first on “S.W.A.T.”, “Phyllis,” “Police Woman,” and “Harry O,” before catching the eye of the ABC network.

Anderson has two children and has been married four times. She was married to actor Burt Reynolds for six years, who is arguably her most well-known partner.

The famous actress, who has been likened to celebrities like Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe, is 77 years old but still looks stunning.

She told Closer Weekly that she attributes her youthful beauty to a healthy lifestyle and that she hopes to influence how the public perceives grandmothers and their appearance.

“I’ve never been very interested in portraying conventional, sensible-shoe-wearing, rocking-chair grandmas,” she said.

“I’m a grandmother, and the other women around me are too, so I’m not saying traditional is dull,” she asserts. It’s time to update the stereotype of what grandmothers look like because we don’t fit that mold!”

Anderson claimed that she had been a consistent exerciser since she was in her late 30s, incorporating aerobics, weightlifting, and walking into her daily schedule.

She prioritizes her mental health by being appreciative every day while maintaining a balanced diet that primarily consists of fruits and vegetables. Then, she added, “I make the most of it as the day passes quickly.”

By surrounding herself with the proper people, Anderson maintains her dazzling appearance. In 2008, she married her fourth spouse and soul mate musician Bob Flick.

In 1963, Anderson claimed, “I wed the man I should have married, but then I wouldn’t have had all the great people in my life.

It’s really strange how we connected, yet destiny brought us together, and we have great grandchildren.

Deidra Hoffman, Loni’s daughter, received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2009. When Loni learned about Deidra, the child she had with her first husband, Bruce Hasselberg, she sobbed.

In 2017, Loni admitted to Closer Weekly, “I fell apart.”

I mean, I didn’t want to crumble in front of her because I knew she was battling to simply keep herself, but it was so hard to accept, she added.

Watch her video below:

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How does legendary Loni Anderson look like now? You won’t believe your eyes…
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