Parents of three kids don’t want to work as that’s not in their “psyche”… How do they live?

Most people would agree that having children has motivated them to work harder, but a British couple’s unique parenting technique has garnered worldwide attention.

With their three children, Matt and Adele Allen engage in what they refer to as “off-grid parenting.” The Allens give their kids free reign over what they eat and when they go to bed. Additionally, the kids are not allowed to receive conventional medical care and do not attend school.

When Ostara, their one-year-old daughter, urinated in a newsroom while the family was being interviewed for This Morning in 2016, the couple gained notoriety.

Documentarian Stacey Dooley recently focused on the Allens for her W Channel program Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over. Dooley is captivated by the Allens’ way of life, but she was particularly drawn to Matt. Matt works as a part-time yoga instructor as his sole source of income despite having three children. Matt claims in an interview with Dooley that he has no desire to ever work a full-time job because such a position is not a part of his personality.

Dooley’s video also points out that the family receives government help for the kids and resides in social accommodation in Brighton. Adele, who describes herself as a full-time mother, also doesn’t have a job.

Matt argues in favor of his way of life by saying that he believes spending time with his family is more essential than finding employment. Matt responds that his family doesn’t put much of a strain on the nation because they live a simple life and don’t take advantage of Britain’s welfare system. Matt specifically asserts that his family receives the least amount of public help.

The way Matt and Adele live now is very different from how they used to. Before having children, Matt and Adele led a jet set lifestyle of nightlife and upscale travel. They were both college grads. The two gradually decided to reject materialistic values and began pursuing a more simple way of life.

The Allens aim to soon move to Costa Rica, where they believe they can enjoy a self-sustaining existence. The family is seeking donations totaling £100,000 to assist with their journey.

Watch their video here:

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Parents of three kids don’t want to work as that’s not in their “psyche”… How do they live?
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