How Tina Turner lives with her younger husband after “leaving” her children?…

Tina Turner and her husband reside in Switzerland and are a happily married couple. But not everyone approves of her choice to travel to Europe. The singer’s son alleged that Tina left her kids behind in the US to live with her younger husband in 2018.

One of the most popular vocalists of her era is without a doubt Tina Turner, a Swiss actress and singer of American descent. The icon has delighted her fans with her magnificent voice and spectacular performance throughout the course of a career spanning more than sixty years in the entertainment world.

But Tina is more than just a famous face in the entertainment industry. Ike Turner Jr., Michael, Ronnie, and her late son Craig Turner are the actress’s four children. She is also a wife and a mother of four. In 1958, she gave birth to Craig, her first child, with saxophonist Raymond Hill.

Tina was only 18 years old at the time. Even though they were overjoyed to be parents, their relationship soon fell apart as a result of their happiness.

The late American musician and record producer Ike Turner was the singer’s new love in 1960. Ronnie, Turner and Ike Srfirst .’s child together, was born in the same year.

The former couple got married two years later. Ike Srtwo .’s children from his first marriage to Lorraine Taylor, Ike Jr. and Michael, were soon adopted by Tina, while Craig was taken in by the record producer.

They raised a loving family of six as a unit. Tina became a single mother of four after the couple’s marriage dissolved in 1978, therefore the joy could not, regrettably, stay forever.

Some time later, the “Last Action Hero” actress would talk openly about raising her children, particularly Ronnie. In an interview with 1989 TV Week, Tina disclosed:

“Ike gave me those kids but provided me nothing to care for them with. I was left to try to care for both my children and his. Regarding the claims that I was a bad mother to Ronnie, I sent him to private schools, gave him an allowance, and did everything else a parent could do for a child.”

The Grammy-winning artist said the following when discussing Ronnie: “I keep an eye on him, and when he reaches his lowest point, I step in but quickly withdraw. I won’t act as a bank for a man who is almost 30 years old. Ronnie had my assistance well into his 20s, but suddenly, they were all disconnected. I’m still available for the boys, but I won’t allow them to abuse me.”

Tina has garnered media attention for a number of reasons over the years, one of which is her tumultuous relationship with her kids, particularly Ronnie.

Tina experienced one of the most difficult periods of her life in 2018 when her oldest son, Craig, committed suicide.

After Ronnie made a startling claim in an interview in April 2018, the singer’s name was once again on many people’s lips. In the words of the singer’s son: “From the age of two, ina brought me up. I’ve never known a mother other than her. However, it’s been since God knows when—probably around 2000—that I haven’t spoken to my mother. She hasn’t probably spoken to any of my brothers in a very long time, either.”

The actress also claimed that Tina had moved away with her lover and had cut off contact with her kids. Ronnie claims that: “My mum has a new husband and is currently traveling throughout Europe. She is not interested in revisiting the past.”

Nevertheless, the singer’s sons seem to be coping well without Tina. Ike Jr. once admitted that they receive funding from a trust fund.

He also mentioned that Ronnie was in fantastic health and had a happy marriage, but Craig was involved in real estate at the time. Michael, sadly, was in need of medical attention and was in a nursing home.

Ike Jr. further revealed that despite Michael’s health, Tina frequently gave him money but never paid a visit. The actress and music producer Erwin Bach are currently enjoying their lives in Switzerland.

2013 saw the couple exchange vows in a Zurich registry office. Before getting married, the couple had been living together in the lovely country for nearly 20 years.

Since Tina had always wanted to see Switzerland, she was delighted when Bach relocated there for his business and followed. The musician ultimately acquired Swiss citizenship in early 2013 after residing there for many years.

The charming pair then added ten coastal villas to their property in Switzerland in September 2021 for an astounding $76 million. The more than 240,000 square foot property was intended to be Tina and Bach’s “weekend hideaway.”

Given that Tina had a history of abusive relationships, it is wonderful to see her and her spouse having a joyful marriage. The couple has demonstrated their undying love for one another numerous times.

When Tina was undergoing treatment for intestinal cancer and a stroke in April 2017, Bach showed his affection for the singer by offering to give one of his kidneys to her. The two got surgery eventually, and it was a success.

Tina still seems to be in good health today. She continues to take immunosuppressants, though, to prevent her body from rejecting Bach’s kidney.

Tina experienced one of the most difficult periods of her life in 2018 when her oldest son, Craig, committed suicide. The singer admitted that it was tragic and that the fact that she didn’t know what had pushed her kid over the edge made it much more agonizing.

Craig had recently gained a girlfriend and a career in real estate, so Tina was perplexed as to why her son would commit suicide.

Tina eventually revealed during an interview in June 2019 that she thought Craig’s suicide was primarily brought on by loneliness.

She was certain, though, that her son was content and in a good place. On July 19, 2018, she gathered her loved ones and said her final farewell to Craig by scattering his ashes off the California coast. It was the most depressing day for Tina as a mother, she said.

Three more youngsters are still in the care of the famous actress. Ronnie, who was born in 1960, continued his parents’ career path by pursuing a career in entertainment.

In the 1990 movie “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” he performed with his mother and father in song. Ike Jr. is succeeding in his career as a musician in the meantime. He released a few songs under his band The Love Thang’s debut.

However, because Michael stays out of the public eye, not much is known about him. In addition to having children, Tina is a loving grandma to two grandchildren.

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How Tina Turner lives with her younger husband after “leaving” her children?…
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