Britney Spears’s oldest son Jayden has talked about her mother’s mental health and their relationship… This is what she did in reply…

The bitter dispute between Britney Spears, her ex-husband Kevin Federline, and their sons is still going on. Jayden recently opened up in a new interview about his relationship with his mother, and Britney is responding in a lengthy Instagram post. This is not about to slow down any time soon.

Jayden, 15, and Sean Preston, 16, said in an interview why they missed their mother’s wedding to Sam Asghari earlier this summer.

“Not that I don’t feel glad for her, mind you. I’m truly delighted for them, but if it had just been Preston and I, I just don’t see how the situation could have ended amicably since she didn’t invite the entire family”, he stated.

Jayden also said that while he and his brother are currently residing at their father’s house to “process all the emotional pain” they have had, he is ready to see his mom once more when she can “get well mentally.”

Britney is now giving her opinion.
Despite taking a hiatus from Instagram recently, she has returned with a long rant in response to what Jayden stated in the interview. She said that, at age 40, she is able to live “without constraints” after having been “kept hostage” in her conservatorship for more than ten years.

She wrote: “My love for my children has no bounds, and it really upsets me to know his outcry of stating I wasn’t up to his standards as a mother… and maybe one day we can meet face to face and talk about this freely!!!

She continued by saying that Kevin had been unemployed for 15 years.
She said, “I suppose it is easier for you guys not to have someone check on you to make sure you’re doing your homework,” later adding, “It’s sad to see your dad be a hypocrite and think the media is horrible yet he has you talking about personal stuff to them!!!”

Only a few weeks ago, Kevin talked about the relationship between his children and Britney in an interview before making covertly taped audio of Britney yelling at her sons public.

She also responded to Jayden’s remarks on her mental health.
Before you even consider insulting my intelligence, sweetie, you must learn to pick up a book and read one, my dear kid, she wrote.

In reference to her conservatorship and her recent 22-minute audio leak where she described how parents Jamie and Lynne Spears collaborated to control her, Britney finished her post by advising her sons to speak with their father if they believe “what memaw and pepaw did to me was fine.”

Without a doubt, this is weighing on Britney, who frequently expresses how much she values her children, but it’s also obvious that her kids are suffering.

Ideally, she and Kevin will be able to recognize that their kids are currently experiencing the most pain and decide how to act in their best interests.

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Britney Spears’s oldest son Jayden has talked about her mother’s mental health and their relationship… This is what she did in reply…
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