The internet is divided by the reaction of the father who is extremely upset over having another daughter…

Although some individuals still like them, the popularity of gender reveal parties has changed over the past few years. These expectant parents frequently bring numerous friends and family members over to celebrate the gender reveal with a cake, balloon pop, or other similar event. They then enjoy the happy occasion of preparing for the birth of their child throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

But not everyone enjoys these events or the unveiling. A pregnant Australian man appeared to be extremely upset with the results of the gender reveal party for his unborn child. He and his wife were carrying a giant black balloon with question marks on it, which was surrounded by smaller balloons that would reveal whether they were expecting a son or a daughter. Pink would stand in for a girl, and blue would stand for a male.

Several of the couple’s loved ones immediately started celebrating the good news and were eager to welcome a new member to their family as soon as the balloon was popped. The soon-to-be father, on the other hand, did not appear quite as delighted and was really disappointed by the outcome.

In April 2021, a video of the gender reveal was posted to TikTok. Since then, it has gone viral and generated discussion over the dad’s response online. While some people valued his honesty, others were concerned about how he would treat his new child as a parent. Some people also mentioned how upsetting it could be for the child to see the video.

An expectant man from Australia felt dissatisfied and disappointed with the outcome of the gender reveal celebration for his unborn kid. A giant black balloon was carried by the expecting parents in a TikTok from April 2021, and as it was popped, a large number of tiny pink balloons floated to the sky, indicating that the pair was expecting a daughter.

Watch the video here to see his disappointment;

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The internet is divided by the reaction of the father who is extremely upset over having another daughter…
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