Linda Evangelista’s son’s father identity was kept secret for years, but it’s revealed now…

Model Linda Evangelista gave birth to Augustin James Evangelista. His mother kept his father’s identity a secret after his birth for many years before disclosing it in court records.

Linda Evangelista, a former model from Canada, was one of the most successful and significant figures in the modeling industry when she started out in 1984. Alongside Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington, she was one of the top five models in the 1990s.

When the model became pregnant in 2006 and gave birth to her baby in late 2006, everyone was curious about his father. She waited years before disclosing the father of her son, though.

The father of Linda’s son was named in a petition Linda filed against him in 2011. Augustin was four and a half years old when she accused him of failing to pay child support.

She identified François-Henri Pinault, a French businessman, as the father of her kid in a petition she submitted to a New York court. Here is all the information you require regarding her son, Augustin.

Augustin was born to Canadian supermodel Linda in New York on October 11, 2006. She has no other children with Pinault; he is her lone son.

She disclosed that she had welcomed motherhood and that it had not terrified her during her pregnancy. In order to experience her pregnancy as comfortably as possible, the model told reporters that she worked out or practiced yoga every day.

In order to get ready for the birth of her son, Augustin’s mother even stopped getting Botox. She had been pregnant in 1999 before she became pregnant with Augustin.

She had a miscarriage after getting pregnant while dating French goalie and soccer player Fabian Barthez at the time.

The model became a mother, but she reared her kid out of the spotlight despite her celebrity and the money of Augustin’s father, about whom she had not spoken for years.

As Augustin grew up, his mother hardly ever mentioned him in the media. She previously claimed that he was the exact opposite of her, not liking fashion but preferring to watch sports and attend games.

Because she was forced to act like a guy, Augustin’s mother would accompany him to games to cheer on their favorite American football club, the Carolina Panthers.

Even though he had a wonderful relationship with his mother, Augustin had a very limited three-year relationship with his father.

The businessman did not recognize Augustin as his son until 2009, despite the fact that his father was aware of him in January 2007. His father almost turned down the invitation to his birthday celebration that year.

The relationship between Augustin’s parents began in 2006 and lasted for about three to four months. Although they resided on different continents, his father admitted in court that he and Linda had only been together for seven days total during their relationship.

His mother found out she was expecting in January, told his father in March, but the world only learned about it in 2011 when she sued him.

Augustin’s mother allegedly requested $46,000 a month in her lawsuit against his father, but she denied it. Her counsel disclosed that Augustin’s father made reference to the person as part of his public relations strategy.

The model, however, thought that her son deserved that much money and contrasted him with Valentina, his father’s step-sister from his marriage to Mexican and American actress and producer Salma Hayek.

Valentina loved vacations and would inherit a $12 million Los Angeles property when she was old enough, while Augustin would inherit nothing and did not enjoy such opulent experiences, according to Augustin’s mother.

Following a few days of court appearances, they reached a settlement on May 7, 2012. The court, however, never let the media know the specifics of the settlement.

The reason Augustin’s mother had a delayed professional growth for years had finally come out: she was disfigured. She stated that she had a CoolSculpting fat-reduction treatment in 2006 in an Instagram post from 2021.

She filed a $50 million lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics, the marketer that also holds a license for CoolSculpting devices, claiming that the surgery left her “permanently damaged.”

She experienced a negative effect from the treatment called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, which forced her to go into hiding.

Because his mother did not want to burden him, Augustin was originally unaware of what had occurred to her. She nearly ended their relationship, though, when he realized she was no longer entertaining him while she was hiding.

The model soon recognized that she was following her mother’s instructions even though she had taught her son that beauty did not stem from outer appearances.

She warned Augustin that things might be said once she told him what had transpired and the entire world. He assured her, though, that he would be there for her regardless of what people would say.

The model used Instagram to honor her son on National Son Day three days after going public with her predicament. She stated in the caption:

“My life’s light is you,”

While it is alleged that Augustin’s father first acknowledged him in 2009, the businessman claimed that he had known Augustin since 2007. He disclosed that Augustin was a part of his family.

While on vacation in 2021, Augustin’s stepmother Hayek posted a unique picture of him to Instagram. As soon as they saw him, people noticed how much he resembles his mother.

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Linda Evangelista’s son’s father identity was kept secret for years, but it’s revealed now…
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