Anna Nicole Smith’s partner had gone through a lot for custody and proving he’s the father of their daughter, and here’s what he ended up with…

When Anna Nicole Smith unexpectedly passed away, she was engaged to Howard K. Stern and had just given birth to a baby girl. When another guy emerged from the shadows to claim Smith’s child, her fiancé received the shock of his life.

Howard, who had exchanged vows with Anna in a commitment ceremony on September 28, 2006, was “devastated” by her passing and was unable to talk. Days before to her departure, the model wasn’t feeling well and had symptoms of the flu and a cold.

Anna had arrived in Florida for her vacation at the beginning of the week, and she had intended to depart on Friday. The star was a “regular guest,” according to Julianne Carelli, the hotel’s manager of public relations and advertising.

At the hotel, she celebrated her last birthday and recorded a TrimSpa video. A witness claimed that when Anna arrived, she was “a little queasy” and had trouble walking straight, but Howard supported her.

The source observed Anna’s security entering the building and an elevator on Thursday. A short while later, the witness observed Howard sprinting “frantically” to the front desk after exiting the elevator.

Dannielynn Hope, Anna’s daughter, was just five months old when her mother passed away. She was born in the Bahamas and was given the name Daniel Wayne Smith in honor of the model’s first child. In a January 2011 interview with “Good Morning America,” Howard described his deceased lover as follows:

She was everything to me—literally everything, my entire world—my best friend, my lover, and the mother of my kid.

On September 26, 2006, Anna made a public allegation that Howard was Dannielynn’s father. The little girl’s birth certificate lists the lawyer and confidant of the celebrity as her father.

After Anna passed away, it was brought up whether Howard was Dannielynn’s father. Due to the date of the child’s birth, the lawyer stated that he and the late model were “certain” that he was the father, adding:

“Neither of us really has a doubt at all.”

The photographer Larry Birkhead, however, stepped forward and claimed that Dannielynn was his child. The entertainment reporter said that Anna had informed him that she had evidence that he was the little girl’s biological father.

Until they had a “small disagreement,” Anna’s ex-boyfriend allegedly accompanied the late reality star to all of her doctor’s appointments when she was pregnant. The photographer fought for the child, even requesting paternity tests from Howard.

Before the model passed away, Larry had allegedly filed a lawsuit requesting that Anna and the infant Dannielynn travel to California for a paternity test. This was made public by Fox News in January 2015. While Anna was still grieving the loss of Daniel, her adult son, the filing took place.

After a fight between Larry and Howard in April 2007, the father of the 7-month-old girl was revealed to be the former. DNA testing were ordered by a court in the Bahamas, and they revealed the child’s biological father.

In May 2007, Larry traveled from the Bahamas to Kentucky with the kid he and Anna had just had. He discussed with the media how nice it felt to return home and expressed his excitement to meet his daughter’s family.

The photographer promised to relax, have fun, and show off Dannielynn to his family in Louisville. A Bahamas judge granted Larry permission to take his daughter out of the nation a week before to their arrival in Kentucky.

Additionally, Ann’s ex-boyfriend was named as the girl’s father on a new birth certificate that was issued in the Bahamas. After taking care of Dannielynn at the Bahamas home he shared with her deceased mother, Howard had his name struck from the official records.

The photographer explained to Entertainment Tonight in September 2017 how he was managing to raise Anna’s daughter alone. Larry claimed that when he and Dannielynn attended a swim party, he felt uncomfortable because there were many mothers in attendance.

The fact that the women were seated and chatting made him feel like he couldn’t handle it. When his daughter approached him, she grabbed his foot, pressed it up against the woman’s next to him, and insisted they get to know one another.

When his daughter wanted to take him on dates and other outings, Larry thought it was adorable. Dannielynn didn’t inquire much about her deceased mother because everyone was talking about the celebrity, according to Anna’s ex.

He had to explain why her Wikipedia page indicated her last name was “Stern” when she was a newborn, which was awkward. Fortunately, as she grew older, the little girl realized how much she missed her mother.

Though she would cling to her female professors, it didn’t imply that she was yearning for a motherly role. According to Larry, his daughter clung to the mothers of her girlfriends and would ask them to adopt her or take on the role of her honorary mother.

When Dannielynn’s friend’s fish passed away, the young girl comforted her by saying that the animal was with Anna, the photographer recounted. The young girl promised that her mother would look after the fish.

Larry couldn’t help but be pleased with the way his daughter handled growing up without a mother. She was a “wonderful kid,” he said, who he could laugh and have fun with even while she exhausted him.

The late model’s ex also remembered holding Dannielynn while they rode a roller coaster with 200-foot drops at an amusement park. He held her despite the young girl’s request that he not!

Larry understood he could only do so much and he had to let her go so she could be who she was meant to be. He couldn’t help but be amazed at how she handled things at times.

In an interview in January 2020, Larry talked about his developing daughter. She gave him “a lot of attitude” and would object to wearing particular outfits or attending school, he said in a humorous way.

Dannielynn Birkhead spent the most of the year lounging around the home in sweatpants and no makeup, just like any other teenage girl, according to Larry Birkhead.
Dannielynn was behaving like a typical teenager by not making her bed and claiming to have finished her schoolwork. In addition to paying tribute to Anna’s memories, Larry said that they were just like everyone else and that he hoped to let people inside their lives through the documentary “Hopelessly In Love.”

A typical day for them, according to the single dad, involved inviting his daughter’s friends home. The photographer drove Dannielynn and the group to attractions like amusement parks as the designated driver.

He claimed that, like her late mother, she was fearless and entertaining. When Anna’s kid was 15 years old in May 2022, her father boasted on Instagram that she resembled the late model’s “twin.”

Dannielynn spent the majority of the year lounging around the home in sweatpants and no makeup, like any other adolescent girl, Larry observed. She did, however, have one day where she fixed herself up and he noticed:

“She is somewhat like her mother. She is adaptable.”

She looks like her mother, especially with makeup, the photographer continued. She really, you know, kind of struck me as since she doesn’t wear makeup a lot before continuing,

Larry posted a throwback Instagram picture of him and Anna kissing in February 2022. He claimed that the reason he could still recall her was that she was unique in her quest for acceptance and affection.

He observed that, when she discovered either one, life seemed to conspire against the late model. “Your love is alive yet to this day,” Larry said, “in the form of a very unique teenager with her Mom’s smile, beauty, and courage.” Larry recalled the soul, heart, and beauty of his ex-girlfriend.

He expressed their affection for Anna as he and Dannielynn ended their post. The teenager’s resemblance to her late mother may be seen in various Instagram images.

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Anna Nicole Smith’s partner had gone through a lot for custody and proving he’s the father of their daughter, and here’s what he ended up with…
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