Steve Harvey’s ex-wife exposes him and insists he destroyed her life… Watch the video with Oprah Winfrey to know more…

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey, once made public his unclean laundry. She said that after their divorce, he had her live a debilitating lifestyle. This is what transpired.

Steve Harvey, the well-known comedian, radio host, and TV host who is also a producer and actor, is Mary Lee Harvey’s ex-husband. The comedian married Mary Lee Harvey as his second wife after divorcing his first spouse, Marcia Harvey.

Little is known about Mary’s early life, including her upbringing, education, or job, prior to meeting her ex-husband. She became well-known because of her friendship with the TV personality. Wynton Harvey is the couple’s only child.

In 1989, Mary Lee Harvey’s ex-husband and she connected at a mall in Arlington, Texas. She was a makeup artist when she first met Steve. At the time of her marriage, Mary was a stay-at-home mom who was raising two children.

She already had a kid named Steven from a prior relationship before she married Steve.

Mary and Steve got married in 1996. She supported Steve in the background while she watched his career soar over their nearly ten-year relationship. Everything appeared to be going nicely for a while.

Many people were shocked by their divorce in 2005. Following their divorce, Steve revealed that he and Mary are still close friends in an interview with Jet magazine. The television host continued:

“There was nothing tense or concerning anyone else or something similar. I still love her, and we’re still friends.”

Later, it was revealed that the breakup was caused by a number of things, including an alleged affair. While they were still married, Mary claimed he had an affair with his now-wife, Marjorie Harvey.

A disagreement over child custody also existed. She then published YouTube videos that purportedly showed Steve’s darker side. From the recordings, Mary insisted that Steve had damaged her life in addition to being unfaithful.

Mary also alleged that after their marriage ended, Steve took her son Wynton and abandoned her. She broke the court’s guidelines when she made comments about the divorce in the public.

Steve is the proud father of six more kids in addition to Wynton, the son he had from his marriage to Mary.

Judge Robert Dry delivered a harsh judgment against Mary in 2011 over a suspected violation of the gag order and the spread of false information. In the document, several of Mary’s allegations were refuted.

Mary was not in danger of becoming homeless or evicted, the judge observed. She received three residences, a $40,000 monthly payment until March 2009, and an additional $1.5 million in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement.

Regarding Mary’s claim that Steve kidnapped Wynton, the court record revealed that Mary put Wynton on a plane with the goal of taking him to the comedian without his knowledge.

The statement also stated that, contrary to Mary’s claims, Steve, who currently has primary care of their child, did not keep Wynton from Mary or turn him against her. There was a rebuttal to her charge of Steve’s adultery.

The judge found that Marjorie had not been a party to the divorce and was not even a contributing factor. Officially, the divorce was caused by “irreconcilable disputes.”

After their divorce, Mary Lee Harvey spoke about the Valentine’s Day gift her ex-husband had given her. She disclosed that a Valentine’s Day card and a box of chocolates were gifts to her. Not only that, but the present also came with a notice—a gag order—informing Mary that she needed to return to court.

Mary was detained in 2013 after allegedly being convicted in contempt of court. She spent 30 days in jail and gave an account of the incident that she said led to her detention.

She began by saying that she had not disobeyed any court orders and continued, “This is about the rule that says you’re not meant to talk to anyone about your divorce.”

At the time, Mary also disclosed that all she wanted was to see her son Wynton, who was in Steve’s custody. She remarked:

I don’t want to be silenced. I’m sick of being taken to the McKinney courthouse every time I say, “Boo.”

The comedian’s ex-wife was also prohibited from disparaging her ex-husband in public. In Texas state court, Steve was reportedly successful in obtaining an injunction against Mary in 2011.

Mary was prohibited from criticizing her ex-husband in the media or on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace by the gag order. This came about as a result of Mary making online movies about her ex-husband.

Wynton Harvey, the son of Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey, was born into the world. Since 2016, Wynton has worked as a professional photographer. He enjoys capturing photographs of fashion, landscapes, people, and more.

The main focus of Mary’s son’s studio in Atlanta, Georgia, is fine art photography. He draws inspiration from modern art, African culture, Victorian architecture, and minimalist design.

At this point, little is known about Mary Lee Harvey’s life, and it is also unknown if she has found new love. However, Steve’s private life is well-known, especially given that he is a well-known entertainer and TV host.

Mary’s ex-husband wed Marjorie in 2007, making her his third and current wife. The two never had children together, but after adopting three of Marjorie’s children from a prior relationship, Steve Harvey had children of his own.

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Steve Harvey’s ex-wife exposes him and insists he destroyed her life… Watch the video with Oprah Winfrey to know more…
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