Dwayne “The Rock” declines a prom invitation, however, what he does instead is every student’s dream…

There is no worse letdown for a high school student than to muster the guts to ask someone out to prom just to have them decline. One young lady attending Stillwater High School in Oklahoma wasn’t at all shocked when her dream prom boyfriend was unable to join her. However, that was most likely the most effective way to decline a prom date that anyone has ever experienced!

Many young girls imagine taking their prom date to be their favorite star. Katie Kelzenberg was no different. At least at Stillwater High School, Katie is undoubtedly one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s biggest fans. She kept a tight eye on him during his time as a well-known wrestler and throughout his extraordinary acting career. She even went so far as to memorize some of his most well-known movie lines.

Everyone among Katie’s pals knew she would invite none other than “The Rock” to prom, so their surprise when that time came was unsurprising. Even though she knew in her heart that he wouldn’t be able to make it, she still gave it her best shot.

She was unhappy when Johnson failed to respond week after week after she asked him to be her prom date. She was aware that he had a demanding schedule as a well-known actor, which prevented him from having time to be a high school student’s prom date.

But when Katie did hear back from Johnson, it’s easy to understand why the youngster was so happy to hear “no”—that rejection had to rank among the finest in human history!

In an earlier video from April 2018, Katie asked Johnson to attend her high school prom with her on Twitter. She appeared in the video wearing a look that many fans of Johnson would be familiar with: a black turtleneck paired with trousers and a fanny pack.

Under her video in the Twitter thread, Katie posted pictures. She prepared a placard particularly to beg The Rock to be her prom date, which was displayed in one of the pictures. The notice said:

Will you “Rock” it at prom with me, Dwayne?

In other images, Katie could be seen smiling while posing in front of Johnson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and wearing the same black turtleneck and jeans ensemble.

Katie most certainly isn’t the first person to ask their prom date to be their famous crush. Not everyone is fortunate enough to hear back from their favorite artists or actors, but a few people have over the years, even though most of the time they were met with rejection.

However, other fans, especially devoted ones, find that the mere prospect of hearing back from their favorite celebrity and knowing that they are aware of their presence is enough, and Katie belonged to this group.

Unfortunately, time passed and Katie was still waiting for a response from The Rock. However, according to the Stillwater Area Public Schools YouTube account, everything changed one Friday at school. When Katie was in her classroom listening to the morning announcements, she overheard a voice that she knew all too well.

Most of Katie’s classmates paid no attention to the new voice on the speaker during the introduction. Katie, however, quickly recognized the source of the enigmatic voice.

The Rock quickly delivered a message to Katie, whom he referred to as a “special lady,” and the entire class paused to listen in stunned silence. He apologized to Katie and told her so.

On his Instagram page, Johnson also shared a video where he went into further detail regarding the incident. He stated in the caption, “I had to do something special because I was so moved by this young lady’s charm and confidence to even ask me (women always get nervous in front of me).”

As he was unable to attend Katie’s high school prom, he made reservations at the Opal Cinema for her and 231 of her guests to watch him in his most recent blockbuster at the time, “Rampage,” with all the popcorn and sweets they could eat. As a result of Katie’s surprise, Johnson won over even more of her admiration than before.

Johnson said in his Instagram post, “I wish I was there in person Katie, to see your reaction to all of this, but I’m sure to hear about it. Most importantly, I hope you and all of your friends enjoy Rampage in the theater! I appreciate your support and consider myself lucky to have people like you as fans.

It’s reasonable to say that Katie is one of the few people who relished being rejected by her infatuation, despite the fact that she didn’t get the ideal prom date she had always desired.

Watch the video below:

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Dwayne “The Rock” declines a prom invitation, however, what he does instead is every student’s dream…
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