Woman decides to risk her life in order to stop a man from throwing a baby off an overpass…

Being a hero doesn’t require much effort! Even though she didn’t have to intervene, this mother saved a child’s life.
Christine King, a resident of Bensalem in Bucks County, was traveling along Cottman Avenue on her way to work when she noticed something unsettling. She observed a man making threats to push a toddler off the overpass.

She took a closer look than most travelers on that road did. She made the decision to halt and step in. Having seen the infant, I was unable to simply leave. I couldn’t let it go after I saw him try to throw the infant over, she continued.
She added that even if it meant putting herself in danger, she had no second thoughts when it came to saving the baby’s life.

She describes the incident and demands, “Give me the baby.” While she was attempting to yank the baby away from him, I put my hand around the infant and demanded, “Give me the baby.” Get off my baby, I’m going to shoot you, he said. I’m going to shoot you.

The child’s mother was also in a panic. He threatened her child and was her ex-boyfriend.
When the ex-boyfriend was preoccupied, the mother had the foresight to take the revolver out of his pocket, preventing him from shooting anyone as he was threatening to do.

He was shivering, so when she moved behind him and entered his pocket, he was unaware that she was there. At that point, she took the revolver. She put it in her pocket at that point, according to King.

According to King, the mother was sweetly pleading with her ex-boyfriend to give her the child back, but he was not amenable. When the cops arrived on the scene, he returned the youngster to his mother and handed her the child.
The man resisted arrest, according to King. The inquiry was moved by officials to a nearby parking area off Bleigh Avenue and the overpass.

While being examined by medical personnel in an ambulance, the child seemed to be in good health.
The incident’s specifics have not been made public, and the inquiry is still underway.

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Woman decides to risk her life in order to stop a man from throwing a baby off an overpass…
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