Nicolas Cage’s new look has everyone speechless…

One of the busiest actors in the industry is Nicolas Cage. It can be challenging to keep up with all the outrageous or intensely emotional performances in all the new movies released every year. In addition, Nicolas Cage is similarly shocking in real life; a recent social media image shows off his brand-new hair color. Yes, the actor’s new appearance is alarming, but perhaps it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

As you can see in the photo below, Nicolas Cage appears to have taken the chance to colour his hair a fresh shade of cherry red. No one anticipated Nicolas Cage to arrive with such a striking and unexpected change to his haircut.

But keeping that in mind, it’s undeniably Nicolas Cage-like of him to do it.

This is the picture:

It’s also important to note that Nicolas Cage’s sudden change in hair color is unclear. Given his propensity for outrageous and eccentric acts, it’s plausible that he had to dye his hair for some sort of role, but it might simply have been a personal decision. After all, he has demonstrated over the years that he has a good sense of style.

He would not be at all out of the ordinary for him to experiment with a different hair color. Perhaps sooner or later we’ll learn the real solution. Whatever the case, it’s still fantastic to see Nicolas Cage acting like he’s having a good time and enjoying himself.

Although it hasn’t been verified as of this writing, Nicolas Cage is rumored to be playing a part in the next Face/Off sequel. Adam Wingard, who will also serve as director, is working on the new movie. Aside from that, Nicolas Cage is reportedly in talks to make a comeback, even if it is unknown if he would. It’s a fantastic moment for the actor and his admirers, as he has a number of other film appearances planned. Keep checking ScreenGeek for any additional updates as they become available.

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Nicolas Cage’s new look has everyone speechless…
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