Sylvester Stallone finally opens up and reveals his current life condition…

Sylvester Stallone is not having a simple time right now. His attack on Irwin Winkler, whom he termed “talentless and parasitic” on his social networks, took place in the middle of July, but it is still being heard today. He is upset since he has little control over the Rocky film series despite being the star of all the movies, having written the first one and directing many others. In his own words, “I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children, thus it is a sad subject that eats away at my soul.”

It is also experiencing turmoil on the most intimate level. After 25 years of marriage to the Rambo actor, Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce, it was revealed yesterday. Although they were amicable in public, the former model would claim that the actor had “deliberately drained and spent marital property” in the petition, according to records.

Stallone is thrilled at the start of August, in the midst of two conflicting factors. He joins Zoom to host a conference where he leads worship and discusses his most recent feature film. It is described as “almost a reflection of what is happening” and is titled Samaritan.

“I advise people to take care of themselves because that is what it is all about. Therefore, (this movie) serves as something of a warning: if you frequently lose your hero, you might need to find one again because you’re simply not ready to accept responsibility, he suggests.

He believes that the story of Joe Smith (Stallone), a guy who for many years has lived in anonymity while having a storied background as a superhero, contains analogies. In trying times for the city, his adolescent next-door neighbor (Javon Walton) encourages him to assume his identity after learning that he is the same man who was declared dead during a violent fight with a villain.

It doesn’t take place in a really fanciful universe. It is situated in the communities where we live, between bricks and cement. And that’s what I liked about her,” he says in reference to her enthusiasm for the Julius Avery-directed movie, which makes its Amazon Prime Video debut this Friday, April 26.

He is a particular kind of superhero. In terms of a mythical hero, he is almost like a contemporary Hercules. And they are the ones I believe you can relate to. You say, “Oh, he can pass away.” He continues, “I mean, if he takes enough blows, he’ll walk away.

In this way, Stallone sets his new movie apart from his other involvements with superhero sagas, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) and The Suicide Squad (2021), in which he provided the voice of an anthropomorphic shark that was both merciless and charming.

“I always think that strolling down a dark alley with a shadow following you or nearly getting hit by a car are the most relatable experiences. Very relatable, I must say. In an uncomfortable way, I’m trying to argue that we make an effort to make the dangerous situations seem plausible and understandable. You could experience that. It is a really tangible item. It’s right here on the streets; it’s not from another world, she continues.

“Second chances are the movie’s central topic, and maybe more than any other, this concept calls upon the performers. Everything is about redemption. Sadly, we can only learn from foolish mistakes. Parents advise you to refrain from doing that. The fire is hot’. Maybe for you, but…, you say. You get burned, of course. The second half of our lives is then spent making up for sometimes foolish actions. Redemption. One of my favorite subjects is it.”

The actor has admitted to having worked in the past as a doorman, bartender, fish cutter, and lion cage manager. To get through it all, you need to be a little humble and consume a small cake. However, you truly do learn,” he says.

What about action movies still piques your interest after 50 years?

He laughs and replies, “I don’t know, but I’d like to get over it. It’s contemporary mythology. These stories are urgently needed. They are contemporary divine beings. Since Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey up to the present day of Marvel, we have witnessed it. There is no distinction. The only difference between the two presentations is that one uses visual effects and the other the written word. I find the concept of being able to narrate stories fascinating.”

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Sylvester Stallone finally opens up and reveals his current life condition…
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