The woman met a wounded dog in the mountains, and did the unbelievable…

Many people have the ability to work miracles when they sense others are in peril. You’ve probably heard stories of someone raising vehicles to free imprisoned persons. Perhaps it was a tale of someone entering a burning house to save three children and escaping unscathed. In this tale, a single mother carried a puppy on her back for six hours in an effort to save him.

In this specific tale, Tia is the miracle worker. It all started when she and her 76-year-old father were trekking up a mountainside when she came upon a hurt 55-pound dog. She explained what happened next to Pickler and Ben.

The two dogs were injured and left behind when they came across them while hiking. The dog was with another family, but they were unable to assist him. About a third of the way into their trek, Tia and her father decided to stop. However, Tia was not going to let the animal perish. Due to his wounds, the poor dog wasn’t moving well, and Tia was aware that there was no chance he would be able to down the mountain by himself.

She made the decision to take up the dog and carry him on her shoulders at that point. She spent six hours carrying him in this manner down the mountain. The springer spaniel was “very bruised up,” according to Tia. She speculates that he may have spent days or maybe a week alone on the mountainside.

The trip wasn’t at all easy, Tia said Pickler and Ben. They had to trudge through the snow, and at one point they even got off the trail. It was undoubtedly one of the most difficult things she had ever had to do, according to her.

She took the dog on her back and descended the mountain six kilometers in six hours. She is aware that it was worthwhile. The springer spaniel was ultimately saved by her.

Once Tia was able to remove the dog from the mountainside, he was given emergency care. As he is now known, Boomer is recovering nicely. Tia is now traveling four hours to see a specialized veterinarian in an effort to help him. We are very happy that Tia and Boomer connected on that mountainside!

Watch the video to know their story:

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The woman met a wounded dog in the mountains, and did the unbelievable…
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